Regency/Gothic 2a: Gothic Links

I'm still (slowly, fitfully) whiling away at my Regency/Gothic playtest document.  I'm getting hung up on the setting.  Regency and Gothic are really opposite in many ways, despite the prevalence of Gothic literature in the late Georgian/Regency period.  Uniting them into one setting is hard.

Since I'm actually more familiar with Regency Romance than Gothic Horror, I've been trying to get a better taste for the Gothic by using the interwebs.  Project Gutenberg has a pretty nifty collection of Gothics, though many are -- of course -- from later periods (I'm glad they've got Polidori).  I started following Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque through a mention on Grognardia; Jack W. Shear's World Between is a fascinating approach to a Gothic fantasy setting in the Ravenloft mode.  Finally, fantasy magazine Black Gate restarted a series by Matthew David Surridge drawing connections between modern fantasy literature and the Romantics; the pieces on Blake (here and here), especially, are great companions to Robin's piece at this blog about Romanticism.

(Some days I just want to ditch it all and just slap together a 10-15 page Zorro setting for Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG.  *Sigh!*)  


  1. I was going to suggest Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque and Black Blade . . . but you're all over it already, of course.


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