Monday, August 13, 2012

A Pictorial History of My Late Campaign Part 1

Robin and I recently (unexpectedly) wrapped up our most recent duet campaign, "Le Vin Et La Vie," an alternate history/fantasy swashbuckler set more or less in the mid-1700s. It was a tumultuous campaign with a few do-overs and surprising twists, but I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, when your heroine finds Mr. Right, sometimes you just have to let the story fade out on "They Lived Happily Ever After..."

Because of our fixation on this,
it was set in a world where everyone worshiped this guy

instead of this guy
except for the pseudo-Ottoman Empire that worshiped this guy
in the form of this:

Our heroine, tomboyish yet forthright Vivienne de Malbec,

daughter of Hungarian-born Blaise de Malbec,
comte du Quercy,
and her foolish sister Marguerite
found themselves drawn into a plot by Rothschild, duc du Burgundy,
his cruel and vicious mistress, Blanchot de Chardonnay, marquise du Chablis,
and his henchman, Armand Rousseau de Pinot Noir,
to overthrow Rothschild's half-brother, the King of Gallia (who looks like this guy --
-- but secretly has the brain of this guy).

Vivienne was aided in her quest to stop Rothschild by rakish alchemist and Hermeticist Giralomo di Sangiovese,
and aristocratic highwayman Philippe de Bordeaux,
and eventually Vivienne dueled Rothschild to the death.

But that was only the beginning...

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