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A Thing I Wrote is Published!

Savage Insider Vol. 2 Issue 1 is now available at DrivethruRPG!
As the description says:
This issue of Savage Insider marks the debut of Volume 2, now published by Obatron Productions. We're passionate about Savage Worlds and want to share that with you. Originally envisioned as a 48-page issue, our new format garnered an overwhelming response, allowing us to increase the size by more than 50%. The theme is Rebirth and Reinvention, and it is threaded throughout all the pieces, which can be used across genres.
What's in It for YouA Special Address from Clint Black on Behalf of Pinnacle Entertainment GroupTwo Great Adventures + a Surveyed (between the three you get multiple maps and THREE pages of minis)Two Features on MechanicsOther Returning Favorites: Designer's Diary, Game Prep, Character Gallery, Equipment CorralExclusive First AppearancesTwo Discounts: A $5 coupon from Pinnacle Entertainment Group and 33% discount from StoryWeaverInformation on Recent Releases and Upcom…

The King is Dead: Player's Packet Preview - The Wild Hunt

from the in-progress players' packet... The Wild Hunt Frontiersmen and natives
“The shadow of the blood-drinker darkens the forest.  The People flee toward the sunset, but where will they go when they reach the ocean?  If we are a wolf at bay, if we are the panther treed, if we are a bear in its den, then let us bite and claw and kill.” – Wooden Knife, chief of the Mahikander Cruthin, quoted in Journeys Along the Neuhammer.
Wild Huntsmen live close to Nature.  They see the cycle of life and death and rebirth firsthand.  They know that even the mighty cave bear grows old and dies, torn to pieces by lesser beasts or succumbing at last to illness and age.  They know that the corpse of the bear is consumed by scavengers and rot, picked clean by ravens flies and mold.  The Wild Hunt knows that something must live and die and rot and be reused to truly be part of Nature.             Vampires are unnatural.  Not only do they resist the cycle of life and death, they kill and consume in violati…

What I Love Most About "Lupin III: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine"

Spoilers Follow
The Lupin III franchise is Japan’s answer to both the James Bond and Pink Panther series.Created by manga-ka Monkey Punch (AKA Kazuhiko Katō) in 1967 (the same year You Only Live Twice premiered at the box office, which I highly doubt is a coincidence), the series stars Arsène Lupin III, supposed grandson of Maurice Leblanc’s Edwardian gentleman-thief Arsène Lupin, an id-driven not-so-gentlemanly thief who is always one step ahead of the bumbling Inspector Zenigata.The original manga has spawned multiple TV shows, an annual series of TV specials, and several anime and live-action films (some of which have been helmed by Hayao Miyazaki).Lupin III is, without a doubt, my favorite Japanese character. The most recent television series in the franchise was 2012’s Lupin III: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine, an anime concentrating on Lupin III’s femme fatale, the eponymous Fujiko Mine.The series was a prequel that aimed to recapture the libidinousness and darker humor of Monkey Pu…

The King is Dead: Progress!

I've finished the expanded information for the secret societies and am now working on new Edges!

EDIT: The Edges actually shouldn't take that long.  I really, really dislike Edge bloat, so I'm limiting myself to 13 new Edges.  I don't know if I'm going to bother with any new Hindrances; the existing core Hindrances can be easily tweaked to fit most concepts (and there's a section in The King is Dead's character creation about doing just that).  After that will be a section on Arcane Backgrounds and their trappings and then some gear. My biggest problem was that I just had a horrible case of writer's block when I got to the Zunft von Hohenheim.  I kept writing them as borderline bad guys and had to force myself out of my post-atmic bomb anti-science prejudices and into the more progressive values of an earlier age.  It was hard. 

Two Columns or Not Two Columns? That's a Good Question.

So...  We all "know" the majority of small-publisher RPG material is sold in PDF format for use on computers and e-readers and the like.  We also "know" that the majority of RPG books are formatted in 2-column layout because it looks more professional (and because that's the way Uncle Gary did it).  Two-column format and electronic books don't actually get along that well, but I've been laying out The King is Dead's playtest in that format because it's what I'm used to seeing and because it makes me feel like I'm writing an honest-to-goodness professional-level book.

With all that said, what do you think is the best format?  Please vote in the accompanying poll.

Princess Errant: Duel dans la grande Gallium

A couple of days after the ball celebrating her Grand Tour, Princess Dusk and her entourage set forth for Paris via clockwork ornithopter.The brass and glass airship (shaped like a huge dragonfly) dashes across the Albion Channel at speeds of over 25 miles per hour, reaching the airfield outside of Paris shortly after dark, just as the gaslights of Paris light up the night.
A tremendous marching band parade greets the princess’ airship, and she is formally welcomed to the country by the Dauphine Celestine (who offers Princess Dusk a 7% solution of cocaine once they’re safely ensconced in her carriage).The dauphine, Dusk soon realizes, plays at being weary and contemptuous of the spotlight but truthfully glories in it, insisting that the travel-weary Dusk participate in a grand ball welcoming her to Gallia.Dusk reluctantly agrees and joins the riotous assemblage of Gallian nobles after taking a brief break to freshen up and change.

(Gallia, unlike Albion, is ruled by hereditary nobi…

Setting Sketch: Miyamoto Academy Combatters


Fight for your honor!
Fight for your humanity!

Miyamoto Reformatory Academy looms on a hill above the bustling Tokyo suburb of Musashi City. A towering mishmash of Baroque, Brutalist, and Gothic architecture, it is a fortress subjugating the city below. The students and faculty of Miyamoto Academy are held in reverence and dread by the town folk, appeased and feared like rampaging gods. Miyamoto Reformatory Academy is home to the worst delinquents and most sadistic teachers in all of Japan, the preternatural fighters known as Combatters.
Fueled by the Five Elements of Power – magic, miracles, psionics, super powers, and weird science – Combatters have emerged from the youth of the world since the 1950s, increasing in number as the decades have progressed until they threaten the world with their inhuman fury and strength.The United Nations Security Council established the Reformatory Academy program in the 1980s, creating quarantine schools…

Princess Errant: Cabbages and Queens

In case it wasn’t obvious from yesterday’s picture post, Princess Errant won.While I had idly described it as set in a fairy tale world with 17th century parallels, within minutes of starting character creation, I was giving Robin’s PC a clockwork tutor (with the stunningly original name of “Sir Gearheart”) and a lagomorph (half-rabbit) modiste (named Beatrix, of course).The world has quickly taken on an odd, Oz/Wonderland/Disney steam-fantasy mashup quality that I didn’t expect.I’m really surprised at myself. World-Building Discoveries Princess Dusk (Robin’s player character) hails from Albion, a united British Isles in a parallel reality I’ve just decided to call Earth-161.It is a green and pleasant land devoted to the arts, the sciences, and social justice. Like Alderaan and Naboo, Albion is an elected monarchy – but with an extra-twisty twist.The nine Royal Families of Albion (from which monarchs are popularly elected) are comprised entirely of orphans, a tradition dating back to…

Princess Errant Visual Guide