A Pictorial History of My Late Campaign Part 2

Did I mention "Le Vin Et La Vie" was a sword and sorcery campaign?
Because it totally was a sword and sorcery campaign.
(I know I'm being ridiculously anachronistic with my pictures.  Just imagine everyone's wearing powdered wigs.)

she had defeated the machinations of the would-be usurper, Rothschild,
but her task had just begun.

Rothschild and his cronies had used black magic to aid their scheme
 and had mistakenly unleashed a curse upon Gallia.

First, she teamed up with Kafir, a monster-hunting assassin from the Sultanate Three Countries Over 
to free her father from the influence of a "mother/son" pair of strigoi.

 Then the King of Gallia sent her on a quest to travel the land and undo the curse.
  Philippe de Bordeux gave up robbery to be the rough-and-tumble hunk and win her heart
but alas!
Her heart was already stolen by the wily Sangiovese
(who gave up philandering, which impresses women a lot more).

They battled russalka
and ghost hounds
and an evil alchemist who used the Beast of Gevaudan to fetch parts
to bring his girlfriend back to life.
(Sort of.)

All was doom and gloom, until they met the Montgolfier Brothers
 and everything changed...


  1. The greatest threat film & Texas has ever known: Torgo!

  2. Now THAT's how to do a adventure log!

    *two thumbs up*

    Btw, is that Helen McCrory in the purple? Such an unconventional hottie.

    1. Yes, that's Helen McCrory as alien fish/insect-queen/vampie Rosanna in "Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice." A very entertaining episode.

  3. Just imagine everyone's wearing powdered wigs.

    Including the werewolves? Because that would make it that much more awesome.

    1. Yes!!! That's awesome!

      ... I wish I'd thought of that during the campaign ...


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