A Pictorial History of My Late Campaign Part 4

The last arc of "Le Vin Et La Vie" was a return to occult conspiracy.

To end a magical curse on her homeland of Gallia,
our heroine, Chevalieuse Vivienne de Malbec,
 her fiance, Giralomo di Sangiovese,
and their ally, Philippe de Bordeaux,
had been scouring the land for bits and pieces
of the god Dionysus
who had been made flesh and carved up by his sneaky Roman sorcerors. 

Now Onenharatase, a Huron shaman with shape-changing powers and a thing for booze,
had escaped the clutches of a trio of nefarious occultists.
These three sought to use Dionysus to usher in a new age of magic and monsters.

Vivienne and her allies journeyed to Massilia to confront the evildoers.
There they discovered their foe was the immortal alchemist Dom Perignon,

who had cut out his own heart and hidden it for safety.
His allies were the witch Rousanne,
a seductress and consorter with demons,

and the gleefully sadistic swordsman Riesling
(who was secretly a "patchwork man").

The villains had prepared themselves well for a deadly game of cat and mouse
but Vivienne and her friends had carte blanche from the king
so  they broke into the villains' house,
stabbed the heart,
poisoned Rousanne,
and burned the place down.

Vivienne found herself dueling the inhumanly-strong Riesling,
and she stabbed the hell out of him.

And Vivienne and Sangiovese lived happily ever after.

Many, many thanks to Mike AKA Black Vulmea at Really Bad Eggs for highlighting this goofy nonsense.  His essays on creating a swashbuckling sandbox and the endgame in sword-and-cape games are incredibly inspirational -- and next time I run a swashbuckling game (which might well be set in Waterdeep), I'll actually use them instead of making up every damned thing on the fly.


  1. Aaah, someone who knows Asterix. A staple in our sessions, one quote of a random Asterix comic at least.
    And any campaign writeup where I can imagine a character as David Tennant is brilliant.

    1. I do a fantastic impression of Tennant's Casanova/Doctor voice/characterization. I wish someone I knew owned the new Doctor Who RPG; of course, any other players would probably hate the way I'd never shut up.

  2. Cripes, I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read about "poisoning Rousanne," or I would've completely trashed my laptop!

    Outstanding and inspired, Sean, once again.

    And thanks the shout-out - sincerely appreciated.

    1. My friends on Facebook ( who, for some perverse reason, only leave comments there) had the same reaction. :)


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