Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Pictorial History of My Late Campaign Part 3

Did I mention "Le Vin Et La Vie" was a fantasy campaign?

Because it was.

The third act of the campaign marked a turn toward something more whimsical and hopeful.

When the Montgolfier brothers took our heroine aloft in their balloon
 they discovered the art of aerial archaeology
 and uncovered a lost Roman ruin wherein they found the head of Dionysus.
 (No, seriously, it was the actual head of the god they worshiped.)

Around 1700 years before, freaky Roman cultists
had bound the god in flesh

and divvied up the parts throughout Gallia to improve their sociopolitical power.

Now Vivienne de Malbec
and her lover, Giralomo di Sangiovese,
had the chance to break the curse on Gallia and restore peace and happiness to the land
 by finding all the pieces and putting Dionysus back together again.

First, though, Vivienne had to be convinced magic wasn't inherently harmful
so there was an interlude where she saved some benevolent fairies
from the walking castle
of a whimsically villainous ogre

who led her on a merry duel all about the castle.

And then they met Onenharatase, a displaced Huron shaman,
and things started getting serious again.

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