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Freedom Squadron vs The Toys That Made Us

The irritating thing about having both a normal full-time job and a part-time gig writing RPGs is that it doesn’t leave much room for actually playing RPGs (especially if you have anxiety like me and just have no spoons to give after a day’s work). I really want to start a regularly-meeting in-person campaign again—and as much as I know I should use that time to develop Savage Rifts® or The King is Dead, what I really want to do is run Freedom Squadron.
Specifically, I want to run a Freedom Squadron campaign where every adventure is a crossover with another ersatz ‘70s/’80s toyline. I was goofing around with this on Facebook the other day and came up with the following adventure seeds:
The Six Million Dollar Man: The team rescues a highly-regarded agent who has been horribly mangled. FS super-scientists save his life by turning him into basically a Rifts® Full Conversion Cyborg—but then he goes rogue! Is he a traitor or the victim of VENOM brainwashing, and what does Sasquatch have to d…

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