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Freedom Squadron: The Armageddon Agenda

I've started running my "Freedom Squadron vs. The Toys That Made Us" campaign and I just realized that I’m running a campaign in which the only consistent player is myself.
That’s kind of weird, isn’t it?

“The Armageddon Agenda” is a metaplot and a separate recurring theme rolled into one series of Freedom Squadron adventures. As I run Freedom Squadron games as James Bond movies (with a cold open action scene that segues into an often merely tangentially-related main plot), the metaplot is covered in the cold open while the main plot carries the recurring theme.

In the metaplot, the heroes encounter an ominous harbinger of the world of Rifts®. At present, these are merely hints—a secret Argentinean lab experimenting in creating mutant felines, a prototype full conversion combat cyborg—but they’re intended to grow more obvious and direct as the adventures proceed. At some point, the (VENOM-controlled) president of the United States will call for the formation of a North…

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