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The FREEDOM SQUADRON Field Manual has funded!

We hit our funding goal yesterday! Now on to the stretch goals! Our first stretch goal is  Project: AWESOME - Secret in the Ice! , the start of  Freedom Squadron 's first classic  Savage Worlds -style Plot Point Campaign! This chapter - by fan favorite creator Ross Watson ( Accursed, TORG: Eternity, Warhammer 40,000 ) - turns it up to eleven with an explosive mission that uncovers things man was not meant to know! Intended as an ultimate tribute to the cartoon origins of  Freedom Squadron ,  Secret in the Ice!  has chases, deathtraps, revelations, and combat against impossible odds! Future chapters of  Project: AWESOME  lean more directly into the Plot Point Campaign's mission statement of " Freedom Squadron vs. The Toys That Made Us ." Help us unlock  Secret in the Ice!  so you can find out more about what that means! Pledge at !

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