Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pulp Paradigmatic Framework: Masked Avenger

Masked Avenger

Distinguished from Masked Vigilantes through their greater reliance on physical prowess and sunnier dispositions, Masked Avengers may be low-powered superheroes (or “mystery men”) or crime-fighting luchadores. For some, the mask is more symbolic – a wig or simply a nom de guerre – than physical, hiding their identity behind obfuscation rather than cloth or leather.

  • Bonus Attributes: +3 dice in the player’s choice of Agility, Strength, and Vigor; some Masked Avengers are more agile while others are stronger.
  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Stealth, Streetwise, and Throwing; +3 dice Fighting.
  • Bonus Hindrances: Enemy [Major; Masked Avengers find themselves in constant conflict with corrupt officials, crime bosses, and freakish super-criminals] and Vow [Minor; the Masked Avenger is either a deputized member of the police or has vowed to abandon crime-fighting if unmasked] or Wanted [Minor; the Masked Avenger’s extralegal activities place them in conflict with the very law enforcement they aid].
  • Bonus Edges: Acrobat, Bruiser, and Martial Artist. Masked Avengers may purchase the Sidekick Edge as early as Veteran and Martial Arts Master as early as Heroic.
  • Bonus Gear: mask and costume.
  • Double Life: Avengers’ masks and assumed identities allow them to move in society unrecognized for what they are. This aids in gathering intelligence on their criminal foes and protects loved ones from retribution. Most Masked Avengers operate out of one city, maintaining a single cover identity, but globetrotting Masked Avengers may instead use a series of temporary disguises. Anyone attempting to uncover a Masked Avenger's secret identity through deduction or spying (as opposed to unmasking a hero captive or pinned in the ring) must beat the Avenger in an opposed Streetwise roll.

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