Pulp Paradigmatic Framework: Olympian Idealist

Pat Savage and Doc Savage

Olympian Idealist
Whether the result of centuries-long eugenics programs, intense physical training, exotic meditation techniques, or experimental medical procedures, the Olympian Idealist possesses both a mind and body stronger than most people can ever hope to achieve. With such advantages, learning new skills and improving themselves comes naturally to them. Some Olympian Idealists become scientists while others train as warriors, but all of them represent the pinnacle of human ability.
  • Bonus Attributes: +2 dice Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor.
  • Bonus Hindrances: The player’s choice of Clueless and Vow [Minor; fight for some specific righteous cause] (representing an Olympian Idealist raised in isolation or in an exotic utopian culture) or Heroic and Vow [Minor; fight for some specific righteous cause] (representing an Idealist more familiar with the aches and heartbreaks of the human condition).
  • Bonus Edges: Attractive. Olympian Idealists can purchase the Sidekick Edge beginning at Seasoned Rank and the Followers Edge at Veteran; they may also purchase Tough as Nails and Improved Tough as Nails beginning at Seasoned.
  • Bonus Gear: none
  • Polymath: With a minimum of a d8 (and an average of d10) in every controlling Attribute, Olympian Idealists find it much easier to raise skills to above-average levels, freeing future Advances to purchasing Edges or skill increases rather than Attributes.

While the cinematic counterparts depicted here are far more superhuman, both Wonder Woman and Captain America were originally depicted as more conventional Olympian Idealists. Diana's powers were implied to be the result of Amazonian conditioning that potentially any woman could master, while Steve was always described as the peak of human ability. Have I ever mentioned that one of my great unfulfilled ambitions is to write a romantic comedy DC/Marvel team-up with Steve Rogers swapped in for Steve Trevor?  


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