Poison Drift for Olympus, Inc. now available in PDF and print!

My latest piece of freelance work is available for purchase! Poison Drift is a module for Olympus, Inc., the urban fantasy cyberpunk setting from Fabled Environments. It combines a couple of real-world wine-related headlines with a bit of Larry Hama-esque military adventure into a tight little session or two of adventure. There might be a bit of weird humor as well.

From DriveThruRPG:

Stop a demigod from perpetrating fraud, our Shadow said...easy money, he said.  No one said anything about a catoblepas!
In Poison Drift, you and your team are tasked with tracking down and stopping a demigod that is duping unsuspecting Sleepers. Easy, right? When demigods are involved, nothing is easy!  You quickly find yourselves wrapped up in saving a nymph and dealing with a mythical cow that really stinks.
Welcome to Olympus, Inc!
This  short adventure written for Olympus Inc. is designed to easily slip into any campaign as a side job or it can be run at a gaming convention or local game store in a four hour slot. A new Mythical Creature is presented along with the adventure. 8 1/2" x 11" copies of floorplans from our Two-story Warehouse,  and Arctic Research Station are included with this adventure.
Please note that the Olympus Inc. setting book for Savage Worlds is needed to use this adventure!

Presentation follows the standard trade dress for Fabled Environments and Olympus Inc. volumes, with the text embedded in a pretty clean gray text box over a color background image. Illustrations are a blend of color photography (typified by the cover image above) and black-and-white ink drawings. The illustrations for Dr. Aurelia Bodega (a helpful satyr PhD) and Dr. Melissa Phix (an unhelpful satyr) are dead-on perfect for the personalities I had in mind for both characters. 

The big bonus for Game Masters running this adventure is the inclusion of scaled-down versions of two of Fabled Environments' Modern Floorplans maps. Game Masters who want battlemap-sized versions should also consider purchasing the full versions of the Two-Story Warehouse and Arctic Research Station for tactical play. 

I got some great feedback from Charles White while writing the adventure, so I hope this turns out as fun for you to play as it was for me to write. Please leave comments or reviews with your impressions! Buy Poison Drift at DriveThruRPG!

Disclaimer: Purchasing products through the links above helps fund Wine and Savages through the DriveThruRPG affiliate credit program. 


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