Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Lupin III

Lupin III

Arsène Lupin III

Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP)


Mystery shrouds the early life of the man called Lupin III, heir to the name and infamy of French Belle Époque cat burglar Arsène Lupin; even his ethnic identity is confused as some sources identify his mother as French and his father as Japanese (instead of the opposite, as one might expect from the Frenchman's grandson). Certainly, a Lupin Organization crime family flourished during the postwar years, apparently founded by the original Lupin's (possibly illegitimate) son. This organization floundered in later decades as the ostentatious burglar and con man Lupin III appeared on the scene, with some informants indicating that the original Lupin's grandson only emerged into the criminal underworld to avenge his family.

If that was Lupin III's motivation, he quickly abandoned it for a life of thrill-seeking adventure. Targeting mainly the corrupt and the powerful (including the occasional government), Lupin III swiftly became the target of a focused INTERPOL manhunt, making a lifetime rival of Inspector Koichi Zenigata. In the years since, Lupin III has been captured many times but rarely imprisoned (though a strange incident involving the geneticist Mamo did result in a clone of Lupin III hanging for his crimes). The master thief and his crew regularly topple dictators, defeat terrorists, and upend the schemes of rival criminals in their pursuit of wealth and treasure.  


Lupin III is completely obsessed with Fujiko Mine, but he recognizes her unscrupulous nature and treats her with no more favoritism while on the job than any of his associates. He appreciates the loyalty of Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII, but also admits that Jigen is sometimes intractable for no good reason while faintly resenting Goemon's haughtiness. Lupin III is possibly the happiest of his crew to see Inspector Zenigata on their tail, never feeling that a heist is quite right until he gets a chance to taunt the policeman.   


Relationships (see One Big Happy Family)

  • Fujiko gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Lupin III gives her a Benny
  • Jigen gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Lupin III gives him a Benny
  • Goemon gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Lupin III gives him a Benny
  • Zenigata gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Lupin III gives him a Benny

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8

Skills: Boating d6, Climbing d8, Driving d12, Fighting d8, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Engineering) d10, Lockpicking d10, Notice d8, Persuasion d6, Piloting d6, Repair d10, Shooting d8, Stealth d12, Streetwise d6, Taunt d10

Charisma: +2; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8

Gear: Walther P-38 (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, RoF 1, Shots 8; AP 1, semi-auto) in armpit holster, Mercedes Benz SSK (as mid-sized car) or Fiat 500 (as compact car), active nightvision goggles, auto grapnel, binoculars, blue shirt, brightly-colored sports jacket (blue, green, pink, or red), cellular interceptor, commlink, Doc Marten boots, flashlight, khaki pants, lighter, lockpicks, parabolic microphone, rebreather, rickety biplane, stealth suit (for emergency situations only), surveillance bug, spy camera, utility knife (Str+d4), yellow tie with tie pin

Hindrances: Arrogant [Major], Loyal [Minor], Mania [Minor; obsessed with Fujiko], Wanted [Minor], Weakness [Minor;  -4 to resist Tests of Will and Tricks by women]

Edges: Ace, Arcane Background: Super Powers, Charismatic, The Best There Is, Team Leader, Thief

Special Abilities

  • Invent (7): 10 Power Point maximum; Limitation (-2; cannot be used to duplicate damaging powers except against inanimate objects; has to fit the Lupin III oeuvre), Requires Activation (-1; requires a successful Trait roll to use); see below for example inventions.
  • Leaping (1) 
  • Super Edge (8): Elan (2), Extraction/Improved Extraction (4), Level Headed (2), Trademark Weapon(Walther P-38) (2).
  • Super Skill (15): +1 Boating, Climbing, Driving, Fighting, Investigation, Lockpicking, Notice, Piloting, Shooting, and Streetwise; +2 Driving, Stealth, and Taunt. 
  • Toughness (2): plot armor.
Players playing Lupin III don't need to declare what invention(s) he's carrying on him in any scene until they declare he is using one. If the invention used does not utilize Lupin III's full 10 Power Point maximum, they may wait to declare other inventions until later in the scene. As per the normal rules for the invent power, Lupin III may share his inventions with teammates (with the normal limitations).
Examples of inventions Lupin III uses:
  • Calling Card or Warning (3): fear; activated by Taunt; Lupin III warns an intended target by sending a jack-in-the-box or similar prank as a calling card; the fear effect is triggered once the heist begins.
  • Climbing Pole or Suction-Cup Pads (1): wall walker; activated using Climbing. 
  • Decoy Dummy or Impenetrable Plastic Bubble or Under-Clothes Bulletproof Vest (1 to 10): armor; activated by Stealth.
  • Glue Bomb or Grabby Lupin III Dummy (3 to 9): ensnare; activated by Stealth; optionally includes Area Effect (+2/+4) and Very Strong (+2). 
  • Rubber Mask and Costume (3 to 8): chameleon; activated by Stealth; optionally includes Inanimate Object (+3) and Voice (+2).
  • Safe-Cracking Autodialer or Security Override (3): interface; activated using Lockpicking; Code Breaker (+1)
  • Safe-Cracking Drill or Explosive (10): attack, melee; activated using Repair; can only damage inanimate objects; Damage: 3d6; Focus (+3), Heavy Weapon (+1).
  • Smoke Bombs (1 to 10): deflection; activated by Stealth; optionally includes Protector (+2)
  • Suped-Up Engine (10): flight or speed; activated by Piloting or Driving; increase speed of biplane to 120 mph or Mercedes Benz SSK/Fiat 500 to 240 mph.
  • Wristwatch Grapnel (2 to 10): swinging; activated with Shooting; base cost is 2 Power Points, but more can be invested to support heavier loads.  


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