Friday, June 22, 2012

Regency/Gothic: The Power of Persuasion 2

Sometimes I just want to say "He ain't buying it" when a player tries to con an important NPC or when somebody appeals to common sense in an affaire d'honneur.  But I like to play fair with my players.  I roll in the open.  I like to avoid GM fiat when I can.  Since Persuasion is going to be as ubiquitous in the Regency/Gothic setting as Shooting is in Deadlands, I think some guidelines are in order. 

On page 62 of Savage Worlds Deluxe, the "Modifiers" subheading under "Trait Tests" advises a +2 bonus to easy Trait tests, a -2 penalty to difficult tasks, and a -4 penalty to very difficult tasks.  Examples in the "Situational Combat Rules" section later on (like the "Suppressive Fire" example on page 71) show that a combination of penalties can exacerbate the penalties to -6 or more.  Let's extrapolate from that.

How about:
  • Suggested course of action is in NPC's best interest - +2
  • Suggested course of action is not in the NPC's best interest: -2
  • Suggested course of action is actively against NPC's best interest: -4  
  • Suggested course of action violates social mores: -2
I feel like there should be some modifiers for social standing.  I realize the Noble Edge grants a +2 Charisma modifier specifically because of the character's high social standing, but a duke isn't going to take orders from a baronet.  Hmm...

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