Regency/Gothic: AKA Regency/Gothic

I'm off at Hilmy Cellars, one of the many delightful wineries along Highway 290 outside of Fredericksburg, Texas, and I really want to blog but I only have access to my phone app so I'm going to babble about something I don't have to consult rule books for: the name of the game.

I've stumbled into using "Regency/Gothic" for the name of the Regency Romance + Gothic Horror project (for obvious reasons) but I never intended to use that as the actual title. It's kinda catchy, though, and Robin and I haven't come up with anything really better.

I considered "A Taste of Claret" because "claret" (one of my favorite kinds of wine and one that was popular in the Regency) was used as Regency slang for "blood." That would seem to imply vampires as being central to the setting and -- while Polidori's "The Vampyre" is a product of the Regency and Lord Ruthven will undoubtedly appear in the plot-point campaign -- I just don't see this as an Emma and the Vampires game. I also kicked around "Any Savage Can Dance" as a reference to one of Darcy's lines in Pride and Prejudice, but that sounds like a chapter title or a Regency-setting netbook.

I don't want to step on "Colonial Gothic'"s toes. I probably need to figure out the main story arc of the plot-point campaign before I figure out a title.



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