Here's a random thought:

In an X-Men-style superhero game, you could begin each session with a "Danger Room exercise" in which the players are encouraged to try out new ways to use their powers and push their characters to their limits. No bennies could be spent in the Danger Room, but raises on awesome new stunts and the like would be rewarded with extra bennies in "real life."

Or something like that.


  1. How about using the benny to use the same stunt or whatever once during the actual mission? I'd make this an a Seasoned Edge. I haven't figured out if I'd require a roll to pull it off or just make it automatic. Perhaps an improved version of the Edge could make it automatic.

    1. I prefer Savage Setting Rules to adding more Edges, but a "Special Move" Edge that allowed an automatic success (or raise) on a signature move by spending a Benny sounds good. Kind of like "Really Dirty Fighter" but more personalized.


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