Unsurprising Results

My thanks to everybody who voted in the Regency Romance mashup poll (can you believe my idiot auto-correct recognizes "mashup" but not "Regency?") and extra thanks for all the encouraging comments.  As I expected when I started the poll, Gothic Horror won by a big margin.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters started a literary mashup boom, so the concept has to be popular with someone.

(My heartfelt thanks to those who voted for the Arthurian Regency concept; Arthuriana was a boyhood love, and I still feel it tugging on my heartstrings from time to time.)

Rats, now I have to read P&P&Z just so I can not do what they did.  And -- if I'm going to make a stab at professionally publishing this thing instead of just releasing it as a fan work -- I've got to get the project done before the P&P&Z movie gets released sometime next year.  (Assuming it's still in production; all the directors and actresses keep dropping out.)  I don't want to pull an Eden Studios-style scheduling blunder and release the book six months after the least popular film in a franchise (*cough* Aargh! Thar Be Zombies! *cough*).

Anyway, I guess I should be playtesting Regency Edges and Setting Rules instead of running my new game concept...


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