Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pirates of the Spanish Main Session Report 2

The second PotSM game was a mashup of "The Wreck of the Solarah" from Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and "The Eye of Kilquato." The characters in attendance were Nana, Elias, Gunter, Captain Wendy, Johnny McSliceathroat, and Kit.

  • I chose to smoosh the two adventures together because I already had the EoK maps printed up (I've run it several times for different groups) and I wanted to give the PCs a better chance of recovering the treasure.  I twisted things by having the Kilquato worshippers be worshippers of Lovecraft's Dagon instead, and explaining the tribesmen's greenish skin as the Innsmouth look.
  • We opened the session with a statement of the Social Contract.  It worked -- briefly.
  • Gunter's player got the clockwork arm he'd been begging for (+1 to damage rolls and Toughness).  I really didn't want to include Clockwork Punk in the setting because I wanted a more swords and sorcery/Robert E. Howard vibe, but it shut him up.  Besides, I actually like the 2011 version of "The Three Musketeers."
  • While in Tortuga, the players recruited some underlings who actually knew how to sail and navigate and other naval stuff.  They also made an enemy of embedded NPC Havana Black.
  • After scoping out the wreck, the landing party trekked inland and attacked the gathered tribe of Dagon-worshippers while they were preparing to sacrifice the captive Spanish maiden (here changed to be Esperanza, sister to Rafael el Duque de Moreno y Rivera).  As they slaughtered the warriors, the tribeswomen dashed their little green-skinned babes brains out against the stone benches.  Nana approved of this honorable seppuku.
  • We ran out of time before anyone could explore the cave.  

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