FREEDOM SQUADRON Now Available on DriveThruRPG!

 The Freedom Squadron October 2021 product line is now available on DriveThruRPG!

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Freedom Squadron Field ManualFreedom Squadron Friends/Foes Manual

Plans & Operations Revised DeckFreedom Squadron VTT Tokens

Freedom Squadron VENOM Agent GeneratorProject: AWESOME - Secret in the Ice

Project: AWESOME - Glamor and GlitterProject: Awesome - Robo-Cons, Arise!


The year is 2051. World War III only ended two years ago. Even as the world rebuilds from the conflagration, a massive organization engages in a terrible conspiracy to bring humanity to their knees. VENOM uses military might, criminal undertakings, weird science, occult mysteries, and economic warfare to attack humanity and install their mighty leader, VENOM Commander, firmly in control of the world.

Enter Freedom Squadron, an international special mission force under the auspices of the United Nations. Composed of elite soldiers, sailors, pilots, special agents, first responders, and more, Freedom Squadron is dedicated to protecting the Earth from VENOM and other terrible forces and strange, mysterious dangers.
Based on the board game VENOM Assault from SpyGlass Games, Freedom Squadron brings high-octane military action-adventure to Savage Worlds!

The Wine and Savages team of Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher acted as lead developers for this new, revised line. Every book was either co-written or edited by us and represents two years of work. the entire game line has been overhauled for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

The new Freedom Squadron Field Manual core rulebook contains everything you need to get started: new core rules like Vocation Frameworks, new Edges, new Gear, and stats for villains, vehicles, and heroes! The Freedom Squadron Friends/Foes Manual contains additional player options and a full bestiary of allies and foes! Combine these with the Plans & Operations Revised Deck, VENOM Agent Generator, and the VTT Tokens for the complete core package!

Project: AWESOME is a multi-part Plot Point Campaign introducing wild new concepts to the setting! Recover a mysterious artifact in Secret in the Ice!, engage in an awesome band battle in Glamor and Glitter to have that artifact decoded, and wrap thing up with the arrival of giant shapechanging robots in Robo-Cons, Arise!


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