Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Inspector Zenigata

Inspector Zenigata

Inspector Koichi Zenigata
Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP)

Inspector Zenigata made a name for himself on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force as a hard-edged, ruthless cop. While he pursued Fujiko Mine, INTERPOL recruited Zenigata to head its anti-Lupin task force. Zenigata threw himself into the job, abandoning his wife and young daughter as the chase led ever onward.

Even as he spiraled into monomania, Zenigata came to respect Lupin III and his crew, recognizing that as often as not they stole from bigger (and frequently more legitimate) thieves. He formed a respectful rivalry with the thief, deeply mourning Lupin on the surprisingly frequent occasions the burglar faked his death. Because of the many times they have inadvertently saved the world, Inspector Zenigata has sworn to bring Lupin III and gang in alive.

Zenigata recognizes the unique talents each member of Lupin III's gang brings to their work: Lupin's strategic and technical genius, Jigen's marksmanship, Goemon's martial prowess, and Fujiko's well-rounded abundance of skills. He works hard to maintain professional distance, however, when circumstances force them to work together.    

Relationships (see One Big Happy Family)

  • Fujiko gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Zenigata gives her a Benny
  • Jigen gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Zenigata gives him a Benny
  • Goemon gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Zenigata gives him a Benny
  • Lupin III gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Zenigata gives him a Benny

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d12
Skills: Boating d4, Climbing d6, Driving d8, Fighting d10, Intimidation d10, Investigation d10, Notice d8, Persuasion d8, Piloting d4, Shooting d10, Stealth d8, Streetwise d10, Swimming d4, Taunt d4, Throwing d10
Charisma: +0; Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 12
Hindrances: Mania [Major; must be the one to capture Lupin III -- alive!], Monologuer [Major], Mania Weakness [Minor; -4 to Notice rolls, Test of Will, and Tricks vs. Lupin III], Vow [Minor; serve INTERPOL and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police] 

Edges: Command, Command Presence, Connections (INTERPOL), Inspire, Investigator
Special Abilities

  • Doesn't Eat (1): subsists on infrequent meals of coffee and instant ramen
  • Doesn't Sleep (1)
  • Ensare (5): barrage of handcuffs; Ranged Touch Attack (+2; uses Throwing)
  • Toughness (4): plot armor
  • Super Attribute (4): +2 Vigor
  • Super Edge (10): Block (2), Brawler (2), Dodge/Improved Dodge (4), Steady Hands (2).
  • Super Skill (10): +1 Driving, Fighting, Intimidation, Investigation, Notice, Persuasion, Piloting, Shooting, Streetwise, and Throwing.


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