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Accursed: Banes of Ayesha

Some examples of Banes that serve Ayesha the Timeless:

White Apes The so-called White Apes are the tribe of Devolved Men who first came to Morden with Ayesha and the Grand Coven.Inbred cannibals capable of only rudimentary tool use, the White Apes are nevertheless adept at herding the terror birds and great beasts that compose the Timeless One’s army.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8 Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d8, Guts d6, Notice d6, Subterfuge d4, Survival d4, Throwing d8, Tracking d4.
Charisma: -4Pace: 6Parry: 7Toughness: 6
Hindrances: Delusional (Major) (worship Ayesha as an infallible goddess), Illiterate, Mean.
Edges: Animal Senses, Berserk, Brawny, Combat Reflexes, Man-Eater
Equipment: Stone-tipped spear (Str+d6, range: 3/6/12, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 hands)
Special Abilities
Bite: Str+d4Brachiation: Devolved Men are able to climb and move at their full Pace by swinging from one hand-hold to another by their arms.Leap: Devolved Men can leap 2” hori…

Accursed: Devolved Men

Devolved Men are the chosen of Ayesha the Timeless, a Witch who comes from a lost land of prehistoric beasts and primitive tribes.  Impossibly ancient but ever-young, Ayesha’s magic works strange transformations on her victims: men become brutish and ape-like, beasts become hulking giants, and birds become towering feathered reptiles capable of swallowing men whole.  The Witch herself calls the process “de-evolution,” though none in Morden know what “evolution” itself is. Devolved men resemble a formidable cross between human beings and the apes of Hyphrates.  Shaggy-haired, slope-browed, strong beyond their appearance, Devolved Men are truly the savages Vargr are accused of being.  Their minds are dulled by Ayesha’s de-evolution and they cling precariously to the remnants of their minds and memories.  Few Devolved Men escape Ayesha’s domination and so they are rare amongst the ranks of the Penitent.
Witchbreed Package All Devolved Men characters gain the following racial package: Anim…

Xmas Rerun: Guess who the patron saint of pirates is?

When the crew is in port during December, they encounter a strange figure at the tavern:

The old man is short – barely five feet tall -- and heavy-set. A white beard frames his fleshy face and laughing eyes twinkle above a broken nose. His knuckles are calloused – the hands of a brawler – and a length of heavy chain wraps around his thick stomach. Three jingling bags of coins are tied to his belt. He raises his mug to you and smiles. Rugged sailors and crusty pirates give the old man’s table a wide berth. He smiles warmly at the tavern wench who brings his meal and wine and tips her generously from the gold he carries. He says grace and tucks into his hearty meal. Questioning the tavern staff and guests reveals the following rumors and speculation (one per success or raise on a Streetwise roll): He’s a Dutch pirate – Nikolaas van Hoorn* – wanted by the Spanish for the sacking of Vera Cruz. (False) He’s a slaver; his ship is crewed by the ugliest scum on the face of the earth. (Almost …

We Need a Montage! Training as a Dramatic Task

My lazy, lazy math skills tell me there are about 16 Advances possible for a Savage Worlds character between Novice and Legendary.A lazy, lazy count tells me there are something like 35+ Combat Edges and 50+ Arcane Background powers available in Savage Worlds Deluxe alone.Going strictly by the rules as written (including the purchasing of the New Power Edge), there is no way in heck for a Savage Worlds character to master more than one fighting style or become a versatile spellcaster – especially if the character wants to actually improve any of their Attributes or Skills.
This is fine is most cases.Most Savage Worlds gamers aren’t running duets predicated upon cinematic levels of character competence.In most games, the presence of multiple players is going to give the party as a whole a broad degree of competence; in fact, specialized roles help keep players feeling their individual contributions matter.
(Also, the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion sneaks into its treasure tables “tom…

Redeem: A Savage Worlds Power from Scairy Tales by Brent Wolke

Scairy Tales is an unpublished Savage Worlds setting by Brent Wolke of Truckee Games.Originally announced early in Savage Worlds’ history, something happened that I have no personal knowledge of and it has been delayed quite a bit.Sadly, the setting prefigured the rise of such twisted fairy tale stories as Grimm and Once Upon a Time and it is a tragedy the setting hasn’t officially seen print.
Weirdly enough, a PDF of the incomplete Scairy Tales (including place-markers for art and question marks for “Edited by”) has made its way online.I could swear that the copy I found was linked from a site where Brent Wolke released it into the wild, but I just corresponded with Brent about that and he says copies found online may be pirated.You have been warned.I’m not going to link to anything here.

There’s some really good stuff in Scairy Tales – especially the arcane powers -- that fills in some gaps that bug me about Savage Worlds.They could really come in handy for a GM interested in a gent…

Kitsune and Foxes for Mappō Monogatari.

Robin and I just concluded the first playtest of The King is Dead and are on to our next duet game – a somewhat gentler, more romantic version of Mappō Monogatari.I know that in the write-up I just proposed reskinning existing races and monsters, but I can’t help myself in wanting to write up a bit on kitsune.
Fox One of the most widespread mammal species in the world, foxes can be found on every continent except Antarctica (though they were introduced to Australia by European settlers).Clever and adaptable, they dominate smaller species but are vulnerable to bigger predators like big cats and wolves.Many cultures throughout the world – including the Japanese – believe foxes possess magical powers.
[Note: The attributes presented here are more comprehensive than those presented in Savage Worlds Deluxe for similar animals like cats and wolves and are not recommended for use with those statistics.I personally find the statistics for animals in the Savage Worlds core rules bafflin…

Nexus Multidisciplinary Academy: Teen drama vs Lovecraft vs Space opera for Savage Worlds

Nexus Multidisciplinary Academy is the prestigious yet controversial flagship Advanced School of GAITOSS (The Greater Alliance of Independent Terran-Originated Sentient Species). Nexus Academy functions both as a liberal arts college for the fledgling alliance -- offering the various descendant species and cultures of the lost home world a place to share their cultures and grow into a greater understanding of their galaxy – and as a research and training facility for the fight against the Outer Things that threaten all sentient species.
Over 1,000 years ago, humankind’s wasteful misuse of the planet Earth resulted in that world’s literal destruction. The survivors fled to the stars in pre-hyperlight spaceships, crawling through the blackness of the void to find new worlds to colonize. The majority of mankind found an idyllic star system with dozens of planets that could be terra-formed to suit their needs, but other refugees went further afield and discovered a far stranger universe …

Space Operetta 33,000: Sci-Fi Comedy for Savage Worlds

Space Operetta 33,000

Space… It seems to go on forever…
But then you get to the end and the gorilla starts throwin’ barrels at you.

It’s the far future (or maybe long ago in a galaxy far, far away) and life goes on as always.

On board the HMS Decider, the second shift – an oddball assortment of junior officers and those passed over for promotion one too many times – find themselves in command of the Imperial Discovery Fleet’s flagship when the senior bridge crew is killed on an away mission.They’re months away from the nearest starbase and this is their only chance at command of their own vessel.How badly do they screw-up first contact with innumerable alien cultures?

In a ratty cantina on the bog planet Mephitic VI, the best smuggler in the galaxy has an attack of diarrhea right before a meeting with an old coot and a mushroom farmer about smuggling some droids past the People’s Bureaucratic Republic’s blockade.The job goes to a second-rate smuggling outfit that underbids him.…