Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Fujiko Mine

Fujiko Mine

Fujiko Mine
Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP)
Reason exists to believe Fujiko Mine began her career as the partner of a yakuza assassin nicknamed “Killer Pun,” but the early days of her life of crime were obscured by a case of amnesia and she was already a burglar and confidence artist high on INTERPOL’s most wanted list before she met Lupin III. This amnesia was complicated by false memories of psychosexual torture at the hands of Count Luis y Almeida planted by the vindictive Aisha. Despite this, all trustworthy records indicate Fujiko Mine has always been a crafty and successful career criminal.
Fujiko’s first encounters with Lupin III were as rivals, not partners, and their relationship continues to be complicated to this day; despite enjoying Lupin’s romantic obsession with her – and feeling some affection for him in return – Fujiko is quick to double-cross her erstwhile lover when it’s to her advantage. She is aware of Goemon Ishikawa XIII’s attraction to her and enjoys his company, using him as a partner on ventures without the rest of the gang. She wholeheartedly returns Daisuke Jigen’s disdain, but would never dream of cutting him out of Lupin’s gang. Fujiko Mine has partnered with Inspector Zenigata on several occasions when it served their mutual interests (usually when it meant going up against Lupin III).   
Relationships (see One Big Happy Family)
  • Lupin III gets a +2 bonus on the reroll when Fujiko gives him a Benny
  • Goemon gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Fujiko gives him a Benny
  • Jigen gets a -2 penalty on the reroll when Fujiko gives her a Benny
  • Zenigata gets a +1 bonus on the reroll when Fujiko gives him a Benny
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Boating d6, Climbing d8, Driving d8, Fighting d10, Gambling d6, Intimidation d4, Investigation d12, Lockpicking d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d10, Piloting d6, Shooting d10, Stealth d12, Streetwise d8, Swimming d4, Taunt d8
Charisma: +4; Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8
Gear: Browning M1910 (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, RoF 1, Shots 7; AP 1, semi-auto) in garter holster, active nightvision goggles, auto grapnel, binoculars, cellular interceptor, commlink, flashlight, formal clothing, lighter, lockpicks, motorcycle, parabolic microphone, rebreather, spy camera, catsuit-style stealth suit, surveillance bug, utility knife (Str+d4)
Hindrances: Overconfident [Major], Greedy [Minor], Mania [Minor; deeply conflicted feelings for Lupin III], Selfish Jerk [Minor], Wanted [Minor] 
Edges: Ace, Arcane Background: Super Powers, Assassin, Attractive/Very Attractive, Investigator, The Best There Is, Thief
Special Abilities
  • Chameleon (4): rubber masks and disguises; Voice (+2), Device (-1)
  • Deflection (4): good at dodging
  • Super Attribute (2): +1 Spirit (2)
  • Super Edge (8): Level Headed/Improved Level Headed (4), Martial Artist (2), Steady Hands (2)
  • Super Skill (15): +1 Boating, Climbing, Driving, Fighting, Notice, Shooting, and Taunt; +2 Investigation, Persuasion, Piloting, and Stealth
  • Toughness (2): plot armor


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