Gargoyle Super Powers Companion Racial Package

All gargoyle characters begin with 40 of their base 45 Power Points dedicated to the following racial abilities; these abilities do count against their power limit totals. Super Karma can be used to gain additional Power Points. 

  • Armor (5): Armor +14, Limitation (Major; during stone sleep only).

  • Attack, Melee (5): Str+d6, AP 2, Heavy Weapon.

  • Fear (1): Scary.

  • Flight (8): 4 x Pace, Switchable, Limitation (Minor; gliding, requires altitude and wind currents), Requires Activation (must unfurl wings). Switches with Leaping and Speed. (Note that gargoyle beasts like Bronx do not possess this power, and therefore gain 1 additional Power Point to spend as the player sees fit.)

  • Heightened Senses (2): Low Light Vision, Tracking.

  • Leaping (5): Bounce, Death From Above, Switchable. Switches with Flight and Speed.

  • Regeneration (0): natural healing roll every day, Limitation (Major; occurs during stone sleep).

  • Speed (7): 2 x Pace, Blinding Reflexes, Catch and Throw, Switchable, Limitation (Minor; movement at increased Pace requires running on all fours). Switches with Flight and Leaping.

  • Super Attribute (12): Agility d10, Strength d10.

  • Super Edge (2): Berserker (yes, I know it isn’t a Combat Edge, but it’s pretty obvious all gargoyles have it).

  • Toughness (5)

  • Wall Walker (0): Limitation (Minor; cannot climb surfaces their claws cannot pierce).

The remaining 10 Power Points can be spent on improving existing powers with the following limitations:

  • Attack, Melee: maximum Str+2d6 damage (see Cartoon Violence)

  • Flight: additional points can only be spent to increase Climb (gargoyles glide, not fly, so improving their speed to 120 mph or more seems out of character).

  • Heightened Sense: no Spatial Sense.

  • Leaping: maximum of level 2.

  • Speed: maximum 4 x Pace.

Or on the following powers with the following limitations:

  • Animal Control: Only to purchase a gargoyle beast as an Animal Companion (but I advise making them as player characters instead).

  • Aquatic: An amphibious Loch Ness clan is canon according to series creator Greg Weisman, though they never appeared in the show or comic.

  • Attack, Ranged: Some gargoyle clans may have manticore-like tail barbs or similar abilities; see Cartoon Violence above for damage limitations.

  • Danger Sense

  • Deflection

  • Extra Limbs: one extra limb only; note that while all gargoyles have prehensile tails, most lack the tail-eye coordination to use their tails at the same time as their hands. The snake-bodied members of the Mayan clan are a notable exception.

  • Growth: maximum Size +3; as this reflects the gargoyle being of unusual height or breadth (like Goliath or Broadway) this ability always has the Monster modifier.

  • Invent

  • Parry

  • Sidekick: again, building fellow clan-mates as additional player characters is preferable.

  • Super Edge

  • Super Skill

  • Uncanny Reflexes

Note that some canonical gargoyle characters possess additional powers not recommended for player characters. Game Masters and players should discuss whether to allow these powers for heroes.

  • Ageless: While gargoyles live twice as long as humans naturally, this indicates magical or scientific meddling in the character’s lifespan (such as with Demona).

  • Construct: A cyborg or android built in the image of or inhabited by the consciousness of a gargoyle like Coldstone, Coldsteel, and Coldfire. Construct gargoyles may ignore the limitations on flying speed above.

  • Minions

  • Regeneration: Ageless beings like Demona and Macbeth may take advanced levels of the regenerationpower and even the Regrowth modifier.

  • Super Sorcery: Though no canonical gargoyle possesses the super-sorcery of the fae, it remains possible that one of Oberon’s Children may have had half-blooded offspring with a gargoyle – just as Titania did with the human Halcyon Renard.


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