Five Years

I can’t believe it’s been five years since I started Wine and Savages.

In some ways, it feels like less time has passed; in others, more. Personal tragedies and triumphs, vocational wins and losses, have added up to things often feeling like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back every day. It’s undeniable that I’m in a different place right now.

My name is known to some of the brightest lights in the industry. I’ve both published and edited professionally. I’ve made a mark; it may be a little mark, but it’s there.

I wish I had something more profound or creative to say, but Robin and I are about five man-hours away from finally finishing DHAMPIR, the second (though actually the first) The King is Dead module. Most of my creativity is tied up in that right now. 

In lieu of forced profundities, let me thank the following:

Robin English-Bircher, for being such a wonderful partner in life and on this blog.

Eric Simon of Four-in-Hand Games, for being the first publisher to hire me to write in their world – and for being so patient with The King is Dead – and for just being an awesome person.

Vickey and Bob Beaver of Obatron Productions, for accepting my articles and giving me my big break (and the articles in Savage Insider are still some of my favorite writing I’ve done).

Ross Watson, for profound encouragement and giving me a chance to edit others’ work.

John Dunn, for being the second publisher to let me play in their world – and for the Xmas cards!

Charles White, for being the third (watch this space for announcements).

Tommy Brownell and Kristian Serrano, for building the Savage Worlds online community.

Aaron T. Huss and Gilbert Gallo for making me feel this blog was a player when they reached out to me to promote Mythos.

Sean Patrick Fannon, Jodi and Clint Black, Terry Whisenant, Preston DuBose, Ed Wetterman, and Shane Hensley (even if he forgets who I am), for advice and welcoming me into the RPG professional community.

David Larkins, who still treats me well even though I’ve totally screwed up and crapped out on helping him a couple of times.

Richard Woolcock, for advice, support, and inspiration.

Jack Shear, Trey Causey, Charles Akins, Gaston’s Hat, Stacy Dellorfano, Christopher Helton, Jens D., and all of my friends and peers in the RPG blogging community for friendship, inspiration, or annoyingly helpful advice (even Zak S.).

Wil Wheaton and Jess Nevins, for being my spirit animals.

James Maliszewski, Jeff Rients, and John Arendt, for inspiring the blog in the first place.

My high school buddies (James, Robert, Steve, John…), for getting into gaming with me. I hope your lives – wherever you might be – find you well.

My in-real-life friends – Tomas, Andy, Sam, Erick, Stacy, and Kate Lytle Elsinger and Paul Scofield of Too Real Games – for the fun and friendship we’ve shared in recent years.

All the people I forgot to thank.

My cat and my wife’s cat, for being my real spirit animals. They know their names.

And, again, Robin, because I can never thank her enough.


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