The King is Dead: New Trapping -- Vehicle

One of the challenges I decided to tackle in The King is Dead was to find a way of allowing Weird Scientists to invent some honest-to-goodness new technologies without bolting on new rules to the sleek Arcane Backgrounds rules of Savage Worlds.  I finally cracked it.  The solution: trappings!

New Trapping

One goal of the Zunft von Hohenheim is to bring mankind closer together by providing faster and safer means of transportation.  The vehicle trapping can only be applied to the powers burrow, environmental protection, fly, and speed.  The trapping allows a vehicle (boat, carriage, hot air balloon, locomotive) to take advantage of the power for a number of hours equal to the usual duration (plus any extra from additional Power Points).  If the power allows for additional targets, those passengers must be taken into account when the device is built.  A submersible ship might be built with the environmental protection power to allow the passengers to survive underwater or a hot air balloon might have wings and a rotor attached to allow it to fly with more control over its speed and destination.

Example: Dr. Kendra Jackman builds an auto-propelled balloon.  She is a Veteran Weird Scientist with 15 Power Points.  The basic cost of fly is 3 Power Points; Dr. Jackman wishes to include the rest of her cabal on his voyages, so she pays 5 points for additional targets and doubles the balloon’s speed from 6” to 12” for 3 points.  She has now spent 11 Power Points, so adding in her remaining points for a total of 15 Power Points allows the balloon to fly with a crew of 6 for 7 hours at a speed of 4 miles per hour without the aid of the wind.


  1. Isn't great how Trappings is the solution to most issues with arcane powers in Savage Worlds?

    Logistical questions. Does Dr. Jackman need to pay the power point cost for additional crew/passengers every time she takes a trip in her auto-balloon? Also, are there material $ costs for Weird Science in The King Is Dead? Lastly, will there be an Edge (Legendary rank maybe?) that allows inventors to make vehicle traits permanent without having to spend power points each time?

    1. The point cost to design the vehicle must be decided when the vehicle is first constructed (ie when the power involved is bought). If the Weird Scientist acquires more power points, then revisions can be made to the design.

      And there is a Legendary Edge that allows an inventor to turn an invention into a mundane, easily-reproducible item.


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