How to make a Super Robot with Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition

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How to make a Super-Robot with Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition

There are two kinds of mecha in this world: “real robots” like the walking tanks of Battletech and Dai-Guard and crazy-ass “super robots” like in Voltron  and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  The former are characterized by adherence to something resembling real-world physics (having limited space for weapons, mechanical breakdowns, running out of ammo) and could easily be reproduced with the “walker” rules (and a little bit from the other vehicle types) in the new Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion.  The latter is a 100’ superhero that you drive.

Here’s how to build one:

Gimmick (Two Characters): The vast majority of super robots are not intelligent and must be piloted by a human (or humanoid, depending on the setting).  If you’d like to run something more along the lines of Power Rangers, I’d allow splitting the Power Points for building the characters between the human and the robot. 

Dynamic Duo: This might be allowed by the GM as a way of allowing the pilot’s battle prowess to aid the mecha. 

Close Combat Weapons: Chain/Vibro Blade, anyone?

Generic Modifiers: Requires Activation (“Form Blazing Sword!”), Slow to Activate, and Switchable are all common modifiers for super robot powers. 
Armor:  As much as you want, but obviously using the Heavy Armor modifier (+4 cost).
Attack, Melee: Heavy Weapon modifier is required (+1 cost).
Attack, Ranged: Heavy Weapon modifier is required (+1 cost).
Awareness: Can simulate scanners and detection systems.
Construct: Required.
Danger Sense: Same as Awareness.
Growth:  +11 points for Gargantuan (at least) and Monster (-2) are required; Big Fists and Long Stride are optional.
Speed: Is it Gundam Wing I’m thing of?  Some of the Gundams have definitely had this.
Super Attribute:  Well, you want a d12+ Strength and Vigor, right?  Not Today is a perfect modifier for bad-ass giant robots.
Toughness: You probably want Hardy, too.


Basic Jaeger (60 point Heavy Hitter)
Armor (x 10, Heavy Armor +4, Partial Protection -1) = 13 points
Attack, Melee (x 5, Heavy Weapon +1, Stackable +2) = 13 points
Construct = 8 points
Growth (+16, Long Stride +2, Monster -2) = 16 points
Super Attribute (Strength + 2 steps, Vigor +3 steps) = 10 points

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+16, Vigor d10.
Skills: Fighting d12, Notice d10.
Charisma: -1  Pace: 24  Parry:Toughness: 33 (23)
Hindrances: Gimmick (Two Characters)
Edges: Improvisational Fighter
Special Abilities
Attack, Melee: d12 + 5d6 + 16

(Of course, Jaegers have two pilots, so you can always combine the second pilot’s power points to add a chain sword, atomic punch, etc…)

By the way, there's also a kaiju detailed in the SWSPC2.  You could probably use these guidelines to make one of those, too.


  1. Exactly what I was trying to do with just the handbook! I think I need a copy of the Super Powers Companion.....


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