Halloween Link: P. N. Elrod's "Quincey Morris, Vampire"

I have, unfortunately, been too busy with work over the last couple of days to write up a proper Halloween post of my own.  (Thankfully, said work has given me plenty of time to think about The King is Dead and I feel a renewed dedication to that project.)  So instead I offer a link to P. N. Elrod's website and an excerpt from her novel: Quincey Morris, Vampire.

Quincey P. Morris is the character almost everybody except Francis Ford Coppola likes to leave out of their Dracula adaptations.  I can almost understand why; it's a little weird that there's a Texan cowboy running around this Gothic horror novel, but that's what makes him great!  He is so completely out of sync with the rest of the novel.  I mean, he dies in a knife-fight with the king of the vampires!  How awesome is that?

(Someday I want to write an ass-kicking rewrite of Dracula in the vein of those sexed-up versions of Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights -- a version that shows Van Helsing as a competent medical man and explains some of Morris, Holmwood, and Seward's adventures together.  Eff you, Leslie S. Klinger.)

Anyway, I haven't actually read the novel or even all of the excerpt because I just found out about it two weeks ago.  I haven't found a paper copy and I just discovered this excerpt today, so hopefully it doesn't suck.  I know it's one of those sympathetic vampire stories some people hate, but i like that sort of thing.



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