By Light, By Night vs Die, Daikaiju!

Does anybody care if I finish By Light, By Night?  I thought it would make an interesting challenge to write a Young Adult Fiction sort of Urban Fantasy setting for FAE, but I’m getting kind of bored.

FATE Accelerated Edition and FATE Core both say that the game is for a minimum of three players.  Honestly, I think most RPGs say that, but after experimenting with FAE for awhile, I really have to agree that the FATE games do not work in a duet nearly as well as I’d hoped.  It’s hard coming up with Aspects all the danged time. Yeesh!  And, honestly, it really does detract from the immersion Robin prefers. 

Since I’m feeling a little burnt out with FAE, I’m really considering tossing By Light, By Night on the back burner (or trash heap) and trying my hand at a kaiju/mecha/sentai Savage Worlds setting and rules.  I’ve thought about kaiju and sentai a lot since I first saw “Battle of the Planets” in 1978, so it feels like it would come together pretty easily.  I’ve already got some pretty solid ideas:

·         I’ve had the title “Die, Daikaiju!” knocking about in my brain for ages.
·         Monsters of Mass Destruction – a shadowy terrorist organization (determined to rule the world!) is using the kaiju as weapons. 
·         The heavy-hitter NPC kaiju would be warped versions of the Shishin or Four Guardian Beasts – Seiryuu the green dragon, Suzaku the firebird, Byakko the metal beast, and Genbu the turtle.  Funny how that maps on to the Toho/Daiei mon-stars, isn’t it?
·         PCs could be mecha pilots, monster-tamers (harkening back as much to all of Mothra’s and Gamera’s little friends as Ash Ketchum and pals), or a mix of the two.
·         Players would effectively control two characters – their pilot/monster-tamer and their mecha/kaiju.  Both characters earn experience separately, so there’s no penalizing players for trying to improve their ally.
·         The Plot Point campaign would include the obligatory Atlantis appearance as seen in Necessary Evil and Rippers.
·         Leadership Edges would affect player characters. 

Anyway, does anyone have an opinion on the fate of By Light, By Night?  I’ll keep going with it if anyone asks for more, but otherwise I’m afraid that it just isn’t an effective use of my time.

(In case anyone’s curious, Natty Newhouse isn’t dead; I just haven’t had time to work on it at home and writing sexy stories during your lunch break is awkward.)


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