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Duet campaigns can burn out fast; there's a reason romance novels and movies end with the wedding.  Before the blog and the Savage Jane Austen project, I used to offer Robin a page or so of "pitches" whenever we were contemplating a new campaign.  These usually comprised of nothing more than a paragraph hitting the highlights of the concept.  This was often the only preparation I did before character creation, as I get bored if I know too much of what's going to happen ahead of time.  Yes, I can proudly say my campaigns straddle the middle ground between sandbox and adventure path -- there's a deliberate story, but I have no idea where it's going.

Anyway, "Thornshire" may be coming to a close (or not, we could always just segue to Rosalind and William on their Grand Tour honeymoon) so I thought I'd exercise my brain by writing a few pitches:

The Grand Quest
They say that travel broadens the mind -- so why can't that be true for a lady too?  In the world of Greater Albion, a right of passage for British youth is to "go errant" in Europe for a year.  While abroad, they are expected to learn of art and history, fight some duels, and sow wild oats.  It's no place for a lady, but the hoydenish descendant of Sir Gawain won't let that stop her.  With France under the thumb of Napoleon, she's forced to turn her attentions eastward -- and finds herself in a desperate hunt for the Holy Grail.
(A Regency/Arthuriana campaign for Savage Worlds)

La Espada de Amor
It seemed a perfect match for a senorita of good family and little wealth -- her dashing husband-to-be was to be governor of Alta California and take her away to a life of ease and luxury -- but when they arrived in Monterey, she found her husband quickly tangled in a web of intrigue and corruption, fighting to be spider spinning the webs rather than breaking free.  Now the governor's wife slips into the night as a masked avenger, seeking justice for the displaced natives and monks.  Can she turn her husband back into the noble man she fell in love with, or must she strike him down?
(A "Bandits of El Camino Real" adventure for Savage Worlds)

On His Majesty's Sorcerous Service
Intrigue abounds in the court of young Azoun IV of Cormyr.  Discontented nobles, Sembian agitators, Zhentarim assassins, and the servants of gods or tyranny and murder lurk in the shadows.  The king must look to the ruthless but loyal wizard Vangerdehast to protect his throne, and Vangerdehast looks to his sorcerous secret service -- the War Wizards.  When a foundling named Filfaeril joins the War Wizards, she finds her loyalty torn between the reckless young king, the stern wizard, and a handsome rebel named Gondegal.  Who will she choose?*
(A Forgotten Realms adventure for Savage Worlds or AD&D 2nd Edition)

Kyushu has fallen to the Mongols.  The imperial line is fragmented.  In this time of terror, a princess has been found.  Some say she has returned from the dead; some say she is guided by the Monkey King.  None doubt that she wields a bow like she was born to it.  None doubt that she lights the darkness of the world like a second sun.  Only she can wield the ancient magatama that summons the guardian dragon of the east; only she can command Seiryu!
(A samurai/kaiju/Arthuriana mashup for Savage Worlds or d6)

*Canon?  I laugh at your concept of canon!    


  1. Because of personal interest, I'd rock the Grand Quest. They all look pretty tasty though...


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