Regency/Gothic: Thornshire -- The Colbrans

The Colbrans of Follyfad Manor (near Evanhollow)

It speaks much of Nicholas Colbran’s amiability that the lecherous adventures of his son Usher haven’t resulted in the Colbrans being ostracized from Thornshire society the way the Lovells have been – or perhaps it is simply a matter of the double standards of Regency life that a rake goes unpunished while a bastard is shunned. 

Follyfad Manor is aptly named; the house and lands were renovated during the last century and contain numerous examples of “follies:” artificial grottoes, a hermitage, fake ruins, etc.  Usher Colbran often invites his seedy, boot-licking friends from Thornton and Evanhollow to outrageous parties on the manor grounds; it is the wonderment of the shire that Nicholas Colbran allows this.

Nicholas Colbran has a quirky sense of humor; being ambidextrous, he will sign his name with either hand as the whim suits him.  He has been known to be rather short with his servants, and this seed of a temper has bloomed in his son, Usher.  Usher is sly, quick-tongued, handsome, and quick to temper (but only when he has the advantage; he is thoroughly intimidated by William Brightmore and Stephen Griffith).  Lysandra, Usher’s twin sister, is pretty, flirtatious, and a little uncanny.  Despite her many beaus in Usher’s circle, many of the eligible bachelors of the Thornshire gentry keep her at arm’s length.


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