I Concur (About Hot Babes)

Black Vulmea has another brilliant post -- this time about gender and ethinic equality in gaming and loving things that don't quite match your own principles.  I completely agree and must also recommend reading the post at Social Justice League that prompted it.  That said, I have a couple of caveats:
  • In this day and age of anorexic supermodels, I think loving Frazetta's fat-bottomed girls is practically a mark of feminism in of itself.  (OK, maybe not, but still...)
  • As someone who has been Scott Pilgrim (dating someone too young for him, unconsciously hurting everyone around him), I have to say that Ramona's dismissal of her relationship with Roxy as "just a phase" is devastatingly realistic.  I've dated women like that; they are real. 
  • Honestly, Shane, is the cover for Kyla Kidd really appropriate?  I'm also uncomfortable with the covers of most of the Savage Worlds genre companions.  It's kind of bizarre that the superhero is the best-dressed version of the redhead.


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    1. I think I'll write more about this next week during Speak Out With Your Geek Out. The Flashman Papers are a perfect storm of things I shouldn't love, but do.


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