Thursday, May 17, 2012

Regency/Gothic 1b: The Sassy Leading Lady

I'm not saying Keira Knightly isn't prettier, but Jennifer Ehle is my Elizabeth Bennet.

Crap, I should do game stats for Elizabeth and Darcy.


  1. Ok, so get after the stats already. Sheesh. Now I HAVE to go get this version of P&P so my wife and I can compare. Firth is a favorite in many other movies. The Knightley/Macfadyen P&P movie has so many scenes that look like living paintings. We've often paused the movie and just stared at the it like a fine painting. Also, the wardrobe design was outstanding. Darcy's outfits rocked. to find Firth's P&P....

    1. Costco had it last time I was there.

      I really need to see the Knightley version. One of the advantages of Austen as inspiration is that you can compare how different people have approached the same material. "Lost in Austen" has some of my favorite versions of the characters, and it's a weird, "time-travel" version of the story!


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