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I plan to refocus Wine and Savages a bit in the following weeks, or perhaps I should say that I plan on bringing some kind of focus to it – period – since I tend to post whatever danged thing pops into my head.

The main shift in focus is going to be toward the Regency/Gothic Design Journal.  Robin and I hope to make it a dialogue between us as we think out loud about the project.  The next two R/GDJ posts from me will be discussions of Regency Romance and Gothic Horror to help define the genres and their tropes.  Then we’ll start discussing mechanical and non-mechanical aspects of playing games in the Regency/Gothic milieu: Edges, Hindrances, moods, Plot Points, Savage Tales, themes, etc.

Part of the focus on Regency/Gothic will be finally writing down some of those insights into Solo Savagery and romance role-playing that I promised months ago.  (I admit that I got cold feet about getting so personal; it’s much easier to just be wacky.)  The solo/romance stuff will get its own header, though, since much of that will be setting-neutral.

Savage Swordsmen is probably dead.  It’s pretty superfluous, to be honest.  Does anybody really need my opinion on how to stat up Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser?  Not really, and especially not now that I’m going to be busy statting up Darcy and Elizabeth. J

I’d like to do a regular wine feature – with gaming suggestions -- so that will be appearing at least once a month.  New Setting Rules will pop up as they come to me (Anguish needs some revision).  I’d like people to start sending me free stuff (eventually), so I’ll start doing reviews as well.  Session summaries will appear no more than a week after the game in question (not that the gaming group meets more than once a month anyway).  And the random wacky crap will show up from time to time.  How can I resist?

This week, though, Robin and I need tonight to catch up on twelfth wedding anniversary celebrations and Thursday we’re going to “The Avengers.”  (And then this weekend is separate Mother’s Day celebrations for our moms and “Dark Shadows.”) 

Bear with us.


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