The King is Dead: Steamscapes: Asia is out!!!
Sorry, this is the best resolution version I could capture this morning.
Woo-hoo! Steamscapes: Asia, the work I can truthfully describe as professional RPG design by me, is out and available for purchase online! Working with Steamscapes head honcho +Eric Simon has been a blast, and I expect we'll be able to talk more about Four-in-Hand Games' publication of The King is Dead in the next few weeks.
In the meantime, I'm really proud of my work in Steamscapes: Asia and of the book as a whole. Few RPG products have made the effort to look at Asia's myriad and distinct cultures; all too often they get swept into a generic "Orient." While my chapter is on Japan -- one of the cultures that gets a lot of attention anyway -- I'm really proud that this book also contains chapters on Burma, Korea, Thailand, and more!
I got my contributor's copy on Friday, but I haven't had a chance to really look at the whole book yet. I do know that it contains new Savage Worlds setting rules and several adventures -- as well as the alternate history I helped pen -- making it useful for GMs and players interested in 19th century Asia in general, as well as expanding the world of Steamscapes.
Buy Steamscapes Asia at DriveThruRPG -- and pick up Strider: A Steamscapes Adventure by yours truly while you're at it!
Vampires run rampant in the Uttermost East as well as Erebus and Malleus. Cathay is home to a dynasty of imperial Immortals, while unliving ancestors rule over generations upon generations of descendants. Wa, the Land of Harmony with Nature, however, has closed its borders to foreign traders, burning any shipwrecks and slaughtering their crews rather than let their islands be tainted by vampire blood!


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