The King is Dead: Marquis Lothar, Vampire Lord

The villain of "Strigoi," the last of four The King is Dead sessions I'll be running at GaMExpo!


Marquis Lothar, the Great Traitor

Strigoi mort are vampires who have lived so long that they have forgotten what is was like to be alive. Transformed into monsters by long centuries of unlife, they retreat to their castles and lairs, abandoning the courtly life in Hammerstadt for strange and lonesome pleasures.

Lothar Eligos von Stenzgard is a strigoi mort. Just over a century ago, he retreated to his castle north of Thornburg and has hardly been seen since. Some claim he hunts the forests and mountains as a giant wolf; others claim he sits on his ancient throne, not stirring at all. No one except his child and deputy Adalwolf von Stenzgard knows for certain. Perhaps he contemplates his sins.

Marquis Lothar is infamous throughout the revolution for betraying the Hooded King to King Wilhelm’s invading forces. When the Westengothic kingdoms of Malleus were overrun by the Estergothic vampires, the kings elected a secret war-leader from amongst their number. This Hooded King and his Hooded Knights fought a guerilla war against the invaders for generations – the cowl of the Hooded King passing from successor to successor – until Lothar, the last Hooded King’s own son, bought amnesty and immortality by betraying his father to Blood Prince Rickard. Two hundred years of resistance were snuffed out, and Malleus fell to vampire dominion.
Marquis Lothar reaped what he sowed. The first two dhampirs he sired truned against him as soon as they became vampires; the first outright rebelled while the second plotted assassination attempts for decades. His last child, Adalwolf, has shown no interest in treachery so far, but his capricious cruelty is eroding the wall of fear that keeps the humans of Thornmark from rebelling. Perhaps it is this irony that the marquis ponders in his solemn castle.
Attitude: ???
Attributes: ???
Skills: ???
Charisma: ?; Pace: ?; Parry: ?; Toughness: ?
Hindrances: ???
Edges: ???
Special Abilities:
  • Bite: ???
  • Claws: ???
  • Weakness [???]: ???
I have to keep some secrets, right?


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