The King is Dead: Milos Blasko, Slave Hunter

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Milos Blasko

While the Hunnish people dominate the continent of Erebus, they are an ethnic minority in the island nation of Malleus. The Goths of Malleus look down on Huns as excitable, frantic folk – too passionate by far for proper servants of the vampires. The only reason anyone in high society marries a Hun is for money, and most Hunnish commoner immigrants work harsh, disreputable jobs in Hammerstadt and the other big cities.

Milos Blasko is a first-generation Mallean, born to Hunnish immigrants fleeing Ostermann expansion in the east of Erebus. He is a man of dichotomies: Hun and Mallean, master and servant, brute and coward, predator and prey. Blasko is a slave hunter, running down escaped Afari for the landowners and nobles of Malleus.

Growing up in the brutal ethnic ghettoes of Hammerstadt, Blasko early on conceived a terrible hatred for the other minority cultures of Malleus – the native Keltisch, the foreign-born Orientals, and the Afari freedmen and slaves. He was a descendant of the proud Huns of Erebus – the huntsmen and warriors that conquered half the world – and he was damned if he was going to see slaves and servants lord it over him. Blasko and a gang of bullyboys harried their Afari neighbors for years until a visiting slave catcher saw potential in Blasko’s racism.
Blasko now travels Malleus – sometimes with a posse of fellow slave hunters, sometimes alone – tracking down Afari fugitives and selling them back to their owners. He is equally at ease in the countryside and in the city. Blasko is one of the few slave hunters confident enough to pursue his quarry into the Afari ghettoes, earning him the nickname “Mtu-Mlaji” or “man-eater.”

While brutish and arrogant in the company of his peers or prey, Milos Blasko quickly turns into a sniveling sycophant when dealing with Mallean gentry and aristocracy. Though the Afari might see him as a man-eating lion, in truth he is more a terrier, vicious to his prey but subservient to his masters. He is eager for their praise and lusts after their wealth.

Attitude: As a slave hunter, Milos Blasko is opposed to the revolution and Hostile to anyone he knows to be a revolutionary. Blasko is Hostile to anyone of visible Afari descent, Uncooperative to other non-whites and Keltisch, Neutral to fellow Huns and working-class Goths, Friendly to middle-class and richer Goths, and Helpful to dhampir and anyone presenting themselves as aristocracy.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8. 
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, Notice d8, Riding d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d8, Tracking d8.
Charisma: -4; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (1) 
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty [while Blasko is not fool enough to murder every slave he’s sent to hunt, he has a reputation for viciousness], Delusional [racist], Yellow [applies only to interactions with gentry or nobles]
Edges: Brawny, Combat Reflexes, Martial Artist, No Mercy, Quick Draw
Gear: Bludgeon (Str+d4), bullwhip (Str+d4, +2 to hit, +1 to Intimidation, AP -2), dagger (Range: 3/6/12, Str+d4, RoF 1), flintlock rifle (Range 10/20/40, Damage 2d8, RoF 1), leather greatcoat (+1 armor), pair of flintlock pistols (Range 5/10/20, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1), pair of manacles, riding horse and tackle, rope, saber (Str+d6), 3d12 reichsmarks in coin and jewelry. 
Special Abilities:
  • Hunter of Men: Milos Blasko adds +2 to Streetwise and Tracking rolls for the purposes of locating his quarry.
GM Notes
Milos Blasko is an example of the banality of evil in The King is Dead. He is a normal human who hates for the sake of hating, a willing servant of powers hostile to his very existence. As such, he can make for an introductory villain in a long-term campaign or a recurring Enemy [Minor].


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