The King is Dead: Myra Wolfenstein, Bluestocking

Annette Bening in Valmont

This is a slightly-modified version of one of the pre-gens I used at GaMExpo. I felt that trying to work in the complications of the Dark Secret Hindrance would be too much for a convention game (especially since I wanted to demo the espionage and intrigue side of things more), but I’ve worked that in to the stats presented here. I’ve also incorporated Attutudes for use of the character as an NPC.
“Unless we ensure equality for everyone– regardless of gender or race – then we merely trade the tyranny of vampires for the tyranny of man.” 
“Myra Wolfenstein,” Vindicating the Rights of Women 
Myra Wolfenstein
Mortal wife of the dhampir Count Adalwulf von Stenzgard, Auda von Stenzgard lives a double life: matron of Thornburg society by day and rebel agitator by night. Writing under the pen name “Myra Wolfenstein,” she articulates the case for equal rights and proposes reformations to education. Wolfenstein also works in secret to refine the psionic powers she developed through rigorous training.
Myra Wolfenstein’s double life makes her privy to local anti-rebellion plans and political gossip from the capital, but also makes her vulnerable to the predations and depravities of one of the most capricious fiends in Thornmark. Thankfully, Count Adalwulf is thoroughly embarrassed that he married a human for her money, and does not take his countess to Hammerstadt. This gives her frequently weeks at a time to enact her plans in peace.  
Attitude: As a member of the Bluestocking Society, Myra Wolfenstein is particularly Helpful to the oppressed members of Ananzi’s Web and the Starlight Children. She is Friendly to members of the Wild Hunt (being intrigued by their outlandishness but somewhat disturbed by their ferocity) and the Zunft von Hohenheim (regarding Psionics as a science and the Zunft as fellow scientists). She is Neutral toward the well-meaning but sadly patriarchal Illuminated and the (ahem!) “entrepreneurial” Raubritters. She is Uncooperative with rough, rugged royalists of the Clan O’Naill.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8.
Skills: Fighting d4, Investigation d8, Notice d8, Persuasion d6, Psionics d8, Riding d4, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d4.
Charisma: +2; Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 9 (3)
Hindrances: Dark Secret (see below),* Heroic (always helps the poor and downtrodden), Death Wish (live free or die trying), Stubborn (her voice represents all of her sisters).
Edges: Arcane Background: Psionics, Connections (Bluestocking Society), Noblewoman
Gear: Artfully-crafted metal gorget (Armor +3, neck only), formal clothing, crossbow & 10 quarrels (Range: 15/30/60, dmg 2d6, AP 2, 1 action to reload), hidden dagger (Range: 3/6/12, Str+1d4, RoF 1), plate corset (Armor +3, torso), pocket pistol (Range 2/4/8, damage 2d6-1, ROF 1, 2 full actions to reload), 85 reichsmarks in easily-hocked jewelry.
Special Abilities:
  • Power Points: 10
  • Powers: confusion, mind reading, stun
*If Myra Wolfenstein is revealed to have a Dark Secret, choose from or roll 1d6 on the chart below:
  • 1: She is (and retroactively always has been) a dhampir herself. “Countess Auda” is, in fact, Adalwulf’s incestuous sister – the missing nun Mircalla – and they are (or were) very much in love. Use the statistics for a Cunning Dhampir as she affects her escape.
  • 2-3: She is Adalwulf’s moroi. The spite between them is real, but it’s all part of a kinky love-hate relationship the two maintain. They’ve been conspiring together the whole time to get Adalwulf turned into a vampire by a sponsor with the royal court (since his own father is so reluctant) – and he has promised he will raise her in turn. Use the statistics for a Viper Moroi as she affects her escape.
  • 4-5: She is a disciple of Countess Erzbeta Battori, the exiled ruler of a domain conquered by the Ostermann Empire. Countess Erzbeta’s cult of personality advocates a greater place for women in the vampire hierarchy; she promises to give Auda the Gift of Sathaniel in return for help in disrupting the social order of Malleus. Use the statistics for a Viper Moroi as she affects her escape.
  • 6: Experimenting with the unknown powers of the human mind opened Myra Wolfenstein to corruption from strange beings beyond the stars. Without warning, she metamorphoses into a monster and attacks the cabal. Use the statistics for a Tentacled Horror as she runs amok.  


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