The King is Dead: The Long Halloween Continues...

And so thirty-one days of (more or less) The King is Dead content concludes. For me this is just the beginning; the next several months will see Wine and Savages most likely reduced to one post a week as Robin and I work on the book. Even when The King is Dead is published next July, I expect I’ll still be providing content and running TKiD games well into next October.

It’s going to be a very long Halloween indeed…

A few hours ago, I caught up on my weekly TV viewing by watching the Bones/Sleepy Hollowcrossover. The first The King is Dead post premiered August 13th and Sleepy Hollow premiered September 16th of that same year; they’ve always been part of the same zeitgeist, but I’ve never before seen an episode of that show embody TKiD – or Savage Worlds-style craziness – quite so much. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” featured Betsy Ross, secret agent, mowing down an army of undead redcoats with a repeating crossbow that shot Greek fire-headed bolts. I fell off the couch laughing, recognizing her weapon as a Weird Science version of the bolt power with a “fire” trapping.

It’s obviously a sign from the game gods that we’re on the right path.

Blue Greek fire, I should add.

My thanks to all of you who have +1d my The King is Dead Google+ posts, left comments there or here at Wine and Savages, or just plain visited the site. My thanks to those French guys who linked here that one time, forcing me to Google Translate their comments and discover that TKiD has an international audience – and my thanks to the Russian and Spanish roleplayers  who have also expressed their interest. My thanks to +Clint Black  and +Richard Woolcock  and everybody else who has chimed in with rules suggestions and critiques (even – no, especially – when I have disagreed with them). My great thanks to +Kristian Serrano  for giving us the Savage Bloggers Network and Google+ Savage Worlds community and helping us all meet in the first place.

My sincere thanks to +Eric Simon for asking to publish The King is Dead through Four-in-HandGames; I really, really didn’t want to go through all the headaches of setting up my own publishing company. I wish I could tell everybody how immensely supportive and generous Eric has been – both with TKiD and Steamscapes – without delving into confidential business matters, but I can’t so you’ll just have to take my word for it. He is a gentleman and a scholar, and I hope The King is Dead is a success for his sake as much as my own.

Finally, my everlasting thanks to my wife, +Robin English-Bircher. Her support and encouragement would alone be more than I could hope for, but she is also joining this project as my co-writer and editor. You can expect to see fiction and in-universe poetry from her pen helping to flesh out Malleus and the world of The King is Dead; perhaps we’ll even dole some out over the next few months.

As for me, I need to write up a bunch of NPCs to flesh out Thornburg, the setting of the ongoing TKiD playtest, so that next week’s game has a bit more meat on its bones. I’ve got the shape of the book in my head, so it’s time to get that down on paper and outline the danged thing. With that in place, I’ll be able to jump around from chapter to chapter, writing things as they come to me, filling it all in a bit at a time. As anyone clicking the TKiD banner at the top of this page knows, there’s an awful lot of material already in place on the blog – and I’ve got several chapters of the book basically written on top of that. Now’s the time to standardize spellings, fill in some blanks, and get The King is Dead ready for the world before the zeitgeist passes us by…


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