Coming Soon -- The King is Dead: DHAMPIR

cover image not final
illustration from Mary Robinson as Perdita by John Hoppner

A rebellious dhampir approaches the cabal with an astonishing offer: she will trade a key fragment of the Sanguinem Maledicta -- a long-lost ritual that might spell the end of all vampires -- for escape from her vampiric father and her arranged marriage. 

Will the heroes trust the dhampir? Dare they risk the wrath of a vampire lord for such a prize? Can they navigate the treacherous maze of vampire courtly society?

  • 6 pre-generated heroes demonstrating the breath and diversity of The King is Dead's secret societies. Each character is presented with both standard statistics and with the optional Horrid Secret Hindrance.
  • Details about Hammerstadt, the capital city of Malleus, and the courts of the four Blood Princes.
  • Examples of the expanded Connections rules.
  • New Edges, Hindrances, gear, and powers!
Coming May 1st!


  1. Any word on this? It says May 1st, thinking about picking this and Vargr up!

    1. My apologies. We wound up doing VARGR instead because Robin needed that one fleshed out more for Chupacabracon. Now that we have more experience putting a module together, we'll see if we can get this done by early June. Thanks for your support!


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