The Gaijin and the Gorilla Lizard: Finale!

           I find myself on the balcony below; about me is a mess of concrete and jagged metal. I try to stand but my left leg hurts. I pull myself up on a broken piece of wall and look to head inside. The door before me is blocked by some of the balcony from above. I begin to head towards the fire escape. It is swaying like a blade of grass in the wind, but I have no other choice. I head down.
As I near the bottom, another pounding wave rattles the area and several of the steps fall out. I try to hold on, but the ground comes racing up to me. As I hit the ground, I can hear a crack in my leg as everything goes red and then black.
A smell of gunpowder, salt, and fish is everywhere; the smell of wet fur causes me to choke. I open my eyes, and it is dark as a shadow seems to block out the sun. I push myself backwards towards the building. A cloud of dust comes rushing down the street and over me; part of the building across the way has crumbled. I notice the wall that I am inching to is shaking furiously.
Two pairs of hands grab at my shoulder and yank me up. I don’t fight, but I can’t turn away. The Gorilla Lizard stands nearly before me. The ungainly arms swing about, and the thick legs are a mess of fur and scales. But what I can’t quit looking at is the genitals; they never show this much on TV. I never knew the Gorilla Lizard was female.
More dust blows up and gets in my eyes. I blink, but there is just too much. Through the haze, I do notice two gangly breasts jostling as the kaiju moves; I never noticed these before. And with that step, the ground beneath me shivers and slaps my backside as I fall again.
“Careful,” I hear Jun say.
I look up at her. She is a mess, covered in a filmy grey, “You just had to see the damn monster!”
Yoshiko pulls me back towards the mall, “We really need to get to a shelter now!”
As we move back into the building and a quietly screaming mob, I see a golden trickle flow down to the ground. The smell of ammonia hits me as the partially broken doors close.
Our mob moves along in a strangely organized way until we start moving down into the shelter. We thud down a flight of stairs and along a hall into a packed room. People fill most of the space, but they make room once they notice I’m hurt. Yoshiko gets two chairs, and Jun works to sit me down and prop up my broken leg.
Yoshiko slumps against the chair my leg is resting on, “We’ll be alright now.”
Jun punches me in the shoulder, “No thanks to you.”
“I didn’t realize.”
“You just had to see. This is real; it’s not TV.”
I can’t find the right words to answer her. As I try, an attractive and well-dressed Japanese woman appears on a TV before us. She says something about Odaiba as the screen turns and shows the monster’s demolition along the streets. The camera pans and sets its sights on the monster, plodding into the city. We get a quick glimpse at the mall, which appears to be a bit dented but none the worse for wear. Yoshiko sighs deeply.
Jun crumples onto me, her head resting on my shoulder and her arms spread out over my chest, “I guess you got to see the Gorilla Lizard.”
I try to look up at her but I can’t; instead, I watch the TV, “Yeah.”


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