Poll: Something of the Something Something

Time for another poll! 

A completely useless, utterly pointless poll...

This whole Regency/Gothic thing is hard.  (Oddly, the part I have the hardest time with is the Gothic bit; I am far more enthusiastic about Regency Romance than Gothic.)  So, from time to time, I think I should do something less ambitious as Wine and Savages' first publication -- something I have a great deal of empathy with, something that doesn't require too much historical research, something more fun...

Something Zorro-ish...

You will find to the right a poll with a list of titles.  I decided that calling the supplement "The Curse of Capistrano" would be a bit too daring.  Technically, Johnston McCulley's original 1919 novel and the 1920 film based on it that defined Zorro's appearance are out of copyright stateside, but apparently the trademark holders like to try to throw their weight around.  What's your favorite alternate title?  Let's face it, I'm probably never going to get it written -- but if I did, what would you like as the title?

(Other pointless titles that have popped into my head recently: "Reavers of the Scottish Border," "Highwaymen of Merrie England," and "Pioneers of the American Frontier.")


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