Savage Swordsmen: Zorro (Part Two)

When we last left Zorro, he was basically no different from previous attempts to build him in Savage Worlds. He differentiated merely by being a fledgling superhero (a member of the Wold Newton family, perhaps?) who had yet to discover his latent talents.


I'd given him a d6 in all of his attributes, the following skills -- Climbing (Str) - d4, Fighting (Ag) - d6, Notice (Sm) - d6, Riding (Ag) - d6, Taunt (Sm) - d6, Streetwise (Sm) - d6, (Sm) Stealth (Ag) - d6, and Persuasion (Sp) - d6 -- and the Edges Arcane Background (Super Powers) [Super Powers Companion version] and Power Points. This gives him 15 Power Points to spend between Super Attribute, Super Edge, and Super Skill. Super Attribute grants one die in an attribute per point spent, Super Edge grants one Combat Edge (and only Combat Edges) per two points spent, and Super Skill grants two skills point per one power point spent.

I could spend all those power points on skills and give him an another thirty skill points, but I really should increase his attributes. McCulley's Zorro especially is a bit of a hothead, so leaving his Spirit at d6 is fine; he's not known for feats of extraordinary strength either, so even though I'd like to increase his Strength, I won't. Another five points in attributes then gives him d10s in Agility and Smarts (important for Tricks) and a d8 in Vigor (for resisting getting stabbed). He also needs some Combat Edges, so four points gives him Extraction ("Buenos noches, Commandante!") and Steady Hands (so he can fight from horseback without penalty). I'd like to give him Elan and First Strike, but those will have to wait. That leaves six points to pay toward Super Skill, which gives him another twelve skill points.

I mentioned in an earlier post that a solo hero has to have a variety of skills, so he gains Boating (picked up while he was sailing to and from Spain), Driving (for carriages and wagons), Gambling, Healing, Intimidation, Lockpicking, Repair, Swimming, Throwing, and Tracking at d4 each. This has eaten up ten of his skill points, so the remaining two go to raise Fighting and Riding to d8 each. Thank Hensley for Wild Dice!

Novice (no experience points)
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d10, Strength d6, Spirit d6, Vigor d8.
Charisma: +2, Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness: 6.
Skills: Boating d4, Climbing d4, Driving d4, Fighting d8, Gambling d4, Healing d4, Intimidation d4, Lockpicking d4, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Repair d4, Riding d8, Streetwise d6, Stealth d6, Swimming d4, Taunt d6, Throwing d4, and Tracking d4.
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Heroic, Quirk
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Extraction, Noble, Power Points, Steady Hands
Equipment: Rapier (+1 to Parry), flintlock pistol and shot, dagger, whip, black clothes (shouldn't this give him a +1 on Stealth?), riding horse (Tornado).

Of course, at the beginning of The Mark of Zorro, he's already the infamous "Curse of Capistrano" and has been terrorizing el Camino Real for awhile...


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