The Queen's Cavaliers Kickstarter Closes Soon

I've been curious about The Queen's Cavaliers ever since last February when Really Bad Eggs did an interview with designer Caoimhe Ora Snow.  I signed up for the Prefundia alert so I could pledge early and jumped in on the early bird special for the book and PDF.  I also contacted Caoimhe Ora Snow about doing an interview for this site...

...And I have utterly failed to ever do the interview.  Sorry.  I've been really busy with my own writing (which is on a much bigger roll than I can show on the blog) and even doing an e-mail Q&A was too time-consuming.  Sorry.

In any case, the Kickstarter closes in 36 hours and I wanted to post something.  It's a fun setting that takes the opposite tack of The King is Dead by positing fighting for an aristocracy that is progressive and good (in real-life, modern terms) rather than fighting against an aristocracy that's crappy and bad (just like they were in history).  It's a fun system that rewards high dice rolls with add-ons to the object of the roll rather than penalizing attempts at doing cool things with negative modifiers to the roll.  And it's way, way over its goal (making me wish I'd actually done the interview so I could figure out what their secret is).  

Anyway, it isn't for everyone, but I like it and fans of The King is Dead might like it too.  And I might use the system if I can't get a Savage Worlds license from Pinnacle (not that I've asked yet).



  1. Hi, it's okay about the interview! I'd be up for a post-KS interview too.

    Unfortunately I don't know exactly what we did right, but apparently a combination of good art, good concept, preview materials, and engaging the community worked fairly well for us! Which is all common sense, isn't it?

    Thank you for the shout-out!

    1. The idea of a post-KS wrap-up is intriguing. I'll have to fit it in somehow, dang it!


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