Setting Rule: Fighting Spirit

+Jerrod Gunning and the guys are discussing how to run anime-flavored games in Savage Worlds tonight and -- as usual -- I won't be able to attend.  Here's a quickie setting rule suggestion for running shonen anime-style fights:

Fighting Spirit

When a Wild Card is Incapacitated in a combat, she may make an unpenalized Spirit Roll.  One wound is healed for each success and raise on the roll.  Characters  may attempt a Fighting Spirit roll once per Rank per combat scene.  In settings where power points are used, this Fighting Spirit roll also restores 5 power points per success, up to the character's normal maximum.  Fighting Spirit applies to both player and non-player Wild Cards.


  1. Cool. I would add that once per session the Wild Card can decline that Spirit roll and let themselves become Incapacitated in return for a benny. Shonen characters sometimes have to get their asses kicked to become more powerful after all.


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