Pacific Rim 2 on the way!

And of course, the whole Internet wants it to also be Godzilla 2

So... This happened yesterday:

Guillermo del Toro announced that Pacific Rim 2 is in serious development, with an animated series to accompany it and more comics on the way too.  I wasn't actually all that impressed by the movie when I first saw it, but it has certainly grown on me.  (Basically, I expected something more original than what it was, and now I've settled in to enjoying it for what it does achieve.  Also, I love the score.)  Regardless, it kicked off a crazed spree of mecha and  kaiju posts on this blog, and I look forward to the sequel. 

Now I just need to sell some publisher on financing my Savage Worlds kaiju vs. mecha setting before 2017... 


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