Accursed: The Unseen

The Unseen were created by the Eyeless One, the Witch who acted as the Grand Coven's spymaster.  Made permanently invisible by the Witch's magic, the Unseen were used as assassins and spies during the Bane War, and then abandoned to their own misery when the war ended.

The defining power of the Unseen is invisibility.  They do not have any magical attacks or increases to their abilities, but invisibility is an exceptionally dangerous tool.  Savvy Unseen have learned to take advantage of deadly tactics to increase their effectiveness.

Witchbreed Package
All Unseen gain the following racial package:

  • Blank Expression: Just as a character with the Blind Hindrance receives a -2 penalty to most social tasks because the character can’t “read” other people’s body language, so too does an Unseen character receive a -2 penalty on most social tasks because others literally cannot see her expression.  You can’t make eye contact if somebody can’t see your eyes.
  • Invisibility: The naked bodies of the Unseen are permanently invisible, as per the power.  Other characters suffer a -6 penalty to Notice an Unseen and to attack rolls against her or him.  There is no penalty if the Unseen is wearing normal, opaque clothing.  If the Unseen is wielding a visible tool or weapon -- or has been splashed with paint or something else to make him visible -- then attacks are resolved as normal called shots against visible targets.
  • Megalomania: The ability to observe without being seen inevitably leads the Unseen to an overinflated sense of their own power.  All Unseen have the Overconfident Hindrance.

Racial Edges
The Unseen have exclusive access to the following Racial Edges. These Edges can be taken at character creation if Edge selections are available and the requirements are met. Alternatively, they can be purchased with Experience Points as the character grows and develops.

Low Light Vision
Requirements: Novice, Unseen.
The Unseen’s eyes have adjusted to see beyond normal human limitations.  The character gains the Low Light Vision Monstrous Ability.

Requirements: Seasoned, Unseen, Low Light Vision.
The Unseen can now see beyond the visible spectrum.  The character gains the Infravision Monstrous Ability.

Requirements: Seasoned, Unseen.
The Unseen has gotten pretty used to traipsing all over the place in the nude.  She receives a +2 bonus on Survival rolls made to withstand environmental hazards.

Requirements: Seasoned, Brawler, Unseen.
Because the Unseen risk exposing themselves to discovery by carrying weapons, the Eyeless had them train in unarmed combat techniques.  When a character with the Strangler Edge succeeds on a grappling attempt, he not only entangles his foe but his foe is also Shaken (which usually requires a raise on the attack roll); if he scores a raise, then he may initiate an attempt to damage in the first round (rather than having to wait until the next round as usual).

Acceptance or Defiance
In a sense, the Unseen have had their identities stolen.  Unable to see even the backs of their hands, many are driven by a compulsion to become visible again.  Others embrace the power that anonymity gives them.

Stage 1: Acceptance
The Unseen laughs at the terror her bizarre appearance causes in others.  She begins to fade from the view of even those with supernatural senses.
Effect: The character gains a Minor psychological Hindrance (like Death Wish or Mean).  Characters with infravision suffer normal lighting penalties to Notice and attack the character.

Stage 2: Acceptance
The Unseen is invisible to even the supernatural eye as he loses more and more control over himself.
Effect: The Unseen gains a new Major psychological Hindrance (such as Curious or Yellow).  He is now fully invisible to infravision and scrying powers (like detect arcana) suffer a -2 penalty to detect the Unseen.

Final Stage: Acceptance
The Unseen is undetectable by even magical means, but descends even deeper into madness.
Effect: The Unseen contracts two more Major psychological Hindrances, but is now undetectable to scrying powers like detect arcana, farseeing, and object reading.  

Stage 1: Defiance
The Unseen fights her way back to visibility one step at a time.
Effect: There is now a dim outline around the Unseen, reducing the effect of her invisibility to -4 to Notice and attack.  Her experience seeing through things gives her a +2 bonus to see through illusions and detect the invisible. 

Stage 2: Defiance 
The Unseen is now able to become visible for short periods.
Effect: The Unseen may now force his body back into visibility for a number of hours per 24 hour period equal to his Vigor die.  This requires a success on a Vigor roll.  While visible, the character no longer suffers the effects of Blank Expression.  The bonus to pierce illusions and detect the invisible rises to +4.  

Final Stage: Defiance
The Unseen finally becomes permanently visible again and fully regains her sense of self.
Effect: The Unseen permanently loses the Blank Expression, Invisibility, and Megalomania racial powers.  She is now immune to illusions and is the only kind of being that can see the Unseen. 

Thanks to Mitch Williams for the name!


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