Accursed: Calibanoid

Calibanoids are the grotesque fish-men witchbreed of Sycorax the Sea Hag, one of the five members of the Grand Coven who have (apparently) fled Morden.  Calibanoids appeared late in the Bane War during belated attempts by the Witches to disrupt the movement of war materiel from Manreia.  Their dependency on water kept them from having a significant presence in any of the major battles, and some amongst both humans and Accursed even doubt their existence.

Fearful rumor in and around Port Sorrow disagrees.

Calibanoids are amphibious, scaly humanoids with a perverse fixation on breeding more of their kind.  It is conjectured that one reason for their late arrival in the war was that they were not transformed human captives but rather the unholy children of said captives.  Regardless, the “Caliban look” – wide-spaced, goggly eyes and oddly-blotched skin – is becoming more common in the ports of the Discordian Sea.

Calibanoids are hardier than humans and have armor-like scales that can turn sword thrusts.  They are immune to the incredible pressure of the ocean’s depths, but are at a disadvantage on land.  Their senses are ill-adapted to the surface; sound travels easier underwater and Calibanoid ears are underdeveloped while their eyes are adapted to the dimness of the sea and can be blinded by the surface sun.  An eerie shared yearning for life under the sea unites all Calibanoids and this makes it difficult for any of them to rebel against Sycorax.

The tiny handful of Calibanoids who have joined the Order of the Penitent admit to only the vaguest memories of a childhood on land, contrasted with an often overwhelming desire to plunge into the ocean’s depths.  They try to avoid the ocean, instead traveling with non-Calibanoid companions along Morden’s many rivers.  Those who avoid the siren’s call of the sea find themselves literally shedding their scales and assuming a more human appearance.

Witchbreed Package
All Calibanoid characters gain the following racial package:
  • Aquatic: Calibanoids are creatures of the sea.  They cannot drown in water, swim at a pace equal to their full Swimming skill (surface dwellers move at half their Swimming skill), and get a free d6 in Swimming.
  • Attuned to the Depths: Calibanoid senses are adapted to living underwater.  They are at a -2 penalty on all Notice checks reliant on hearing while on the surface and a -2 (non-cumulative) penalty on all Notice checks relying on sight during daylight. 
  • Claws: The webbed fingers of Calibanoids end in wicked claws that do Str+1d4 damage.
  • Deep Dweller: Calibanoids are immune to the pressure and cold of even the deepest sea trenches.  They receive a +4 to resist all cold effects on the surface as well.
  • Dehydration: Calibanoids must immerse themselves in water one hour out of every 24 or become automatically fatigued until they are Incapacitated, dying the day after that.  Immersing themselves in a full-body bath is sufficient to prevent dehydration; they don’t have to find a natural source of water.
  • Low Light Vision: While the sun blinds them, Calibanoids are adapted to see perfectly in the dark of the ocean.  They suffer no penalties for Dim and Dark lighting. 
  • Horrifying: Calibanoids are hideous fish-men.  They receive a -4 penalty to Charisma.
  • Scaly: Calibanoids are covered with armor-like scales.  They receive +2 Armor.
  • Siren’s Call: A Calibanoid within 1 mile, sight, or hearing range of the sea must make a Spirit roll every night at midnight to resist the urge the plunge into the depths and join his brethren.

Racial Edges
Calibanoids have exclusive access to the following Racial Edges. These Edges can be taken at character creation if Edge selections are available and the requirements are met. Alternatively, they can be purchased with Experience Points as the character grows and develops.

Requirements: Calibanoid, Novice
The Calibanoid is faster than almost anything under the sea.  He may roll Swimming to “run” while Swimming.

Shark’s Maw
Requirements: Calibanoid, Vicious Claws, Veteran
The Calibanoid’s evolution into a sea-predator continues.  The character’s teeth grow and sharpen; he can now bite for Str+1d6 damage.

Vicious Claws
Requirements: Calibanoid, Seasoned
The Calibanoid mutates further into a sea-beast.  His claws grow and strengthen and now do Str+1d6 damage.

Toxic Claws
Requirements: Calibanoid, Vicious Claws, Veteran
The Calibanoid’s claws now excrete a paralytic toxin.  If an opponent is Shaken or wounded by the Calibanoid’s claws, it must make a Vigor roll or suffer Paralysis as per the Poison Effects Table (Savage Worlds Deluxe p. 89).

Acceptance or Defiance
A Calibanoid who defies his curse may hope to almost pass for human, while those who accept it can become fearsome sea monsters.

Acceptance or Defiance
A Calibanoid who defies his curse may hope to almost pass for human, while those who accept it can become fearsome sea monsters.

Stage 1: Acceptance
The Calibanoid who first begins to exult in his curse finds himself becoming even more inhuman.  Spines and fins sprout from his limbs and back, his dependence on water increases, and his natural weapons become deadlier.
Effect: The Calibanoid must now immerse himself for six out of every 24 hours, armor increases to +4 to Toughness, damage for any natural weapons increases by one step, and Charisma receives another -2 penalty.

Stage 2: Acceptance
The Calibanoid sprouts a tail that aids him in swimming and he develops echolocation that enables him to see in complete darkness.  The call of the sea becomes ever stronger.
Effect: The addition of a tail allows the Calibanoid to make shark- or dolphin-like leaps from the water (roll Swimming to jump as normal).  Echolocation allows the Calibanoid to ignore all darkness penalties for a Large Burst Template around him.  He must now immerse himself for 12 out of every 24 hours and suffers a -2 penalty on the Spirit roll to resist the Siren’s Call.

Final Stage: Acceptance
The Calibanoid must now spend the majority of his time in the water as the urge to join his people becomes nearly unbearable and he grows into a hulking sea titan. 

Effect: The Calibanoid must now spend 18 hours out of every 24 in water and suffers a -4 penalty on the Spirit roll to resist the Siren’s Call.  He increases in size to +4, gaining a +4 to Toughness but now his opponents are at +2 to hit him.

Stage 1: Defiance
The Calibanoid turns his back on the life aquatic and attempts to acclimate to land.  While he loses some of his undersea adaptation, he finds life on the surface earlier.
Effect: The Calibanoid’s senses adjust to the surface (he loses the Attuned to the Depths power) but loses his Low Light Vision.

Stage 2: Defiance
The Calibanoid becomes more human in appearance, piece by piece.  He can no longer withstand the ocean’s depths as he once did.
Effect: The Calibanoid’s claws become retractable.  His scales slough off, leaving oddly-mottled but human skin beneath; he loses the Horrifying and Scaly powers.  He also loses the Deep Dweller power but gains a +2 to resist the Siren’s Call.

Final Stage: Defiance
The Calibanoid is now as human as he will ever be.
Effect: The Calibanoid no longer has his claws but he gains another +2 to resist the Siren’s Call (+4 cumulative).  He retains his Aquatic power and must still fear Dehydration, but if he stays far from the open ocean he may be able to live a normal life.


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