Accursed: Loki the Warlock-Witch

Loki in both of his/ her forms.  S/he likes to do this to mess with people.

The scholars of Morden are perplexed by the Witch called Loki.  Loki’s motivation, modus operandi, and even gender seem to randomly shift from encounter to encounter.  The Warlock-Witch of Nordheim is a puzzle to her/his enemies.

S/he is also a puzzle to her/his allies.  Loki has claimed to be an extraplanar alien, a god/dess, an alien god/dess, a pair of fraternal twins fused together by an early magical mishap, a cursed prince/ss, and a self-aware fictional character.  Some have posited that s/he’s actually a mole from the Unseelie Fae and not a proper Witch at all.  Loki has told different stories to different Witches and different stories to the same Witches.

During the Bane War, Loki offered little (apparent) magical assistance to her/his allies.  S/he summoned a few frost giants here and a few fire giants there, crafted a few illusions and enabled a few surprise attacks with her/his rainbow bridge, but generally s/he played at being the general of the Nordheim mercenaries.  It was only secretly, and without the knowledge of the Grand Coven, that s/he began creating her Hiding Ones and planting her other unpredictable Banes throughout Morden.

Loki usually appears as either a suavely handsome young man or a seductive young woman with green eyes and black hair; s/he often switches back and forth between genders during encounters, earning her/him the title “Warlock-Witch.”  S/he has also appeared in other forms – a child, a mare, a frost giant – but prefers to be recognizable to her/his foes; it’s more fun that way.

Loki’s only goal seems to be to sow chaos and watch the results.  The Warlock-Witch seems to care very little as to whether s/he or her/his allies are winning or losing, as long as there’s plenty of sex and violence to keep her/him entertained.  This flighty detachment from the ramifications of her/his actions fuels speculation that Loki is one of the Unseelie.

Style of Magic
Loki enjoys transformations and manipulating emotions.  Her/his favorite approach to anything is to take a single flaw and magnify it, wreaking havoc out of her/his victim’s own fears and desires.  S/he also specializes in bending reality in artful (and awful) ways.

The rainbow bridge s/he used to transport troops across canyons and rivers is an example of the latter.  A simple trick of light and mist should not be able to carry armored soldiers and field artillery, and yet it did on more than one occasion.  Rabbits shouldn’t be vicious carnivores, clowns shouldn’t be murderous fiends, and men shouldn’t change into monsters right before your eyes.


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