Accursed: The Eyeless

Not that the remake doesn't have its charms, but I prefer the classic Clash of the Titans witches.
The Eyeless is generally considered the least of the Witches of the Grand Coven by those who study that foul alliance.  She acted as the Coven's spymaster, sending her invisible Unseen to infiltrate the Alliance of Light's war councils and her lesser Banes to watch troop movements.  Not discovering the plot between the Seelie Fey and the human armies that led to the destruction of the Djinn was her greatest failure.

How a being so paranoid could have missed such an important detail despite her normal exactitude puzzles many.  It appears she is now anathema to her former allies, and may even be on the run from them.

This suits the Eyeless just fine.  She never trusted her supposed allies; they were always planning to betray her.  The Djinn was the worst; it's obvious to the Eyeless that her supposed death was all part of a complicated doublecross and that the mysterious Djinn was allied with the Fey all along.  Now the Eyeless has returned to the darkness of her caves in order to watch and plot.

The Eyeless plans to destroy her enemies by learning their secrets and striking when the time is right.

Unfortunately, she thinks everyone is her enemy.  

The Eyeless is trapped in a spiral of paranoia and indecision, thinking everyone and every thing is out to destroy her.  She sits alone with her crystal ball in a pitch-black cave far from any habitation, watching the world through the eyes of her Banes.  Her greatest fear is her own creation, for even she cannot see the Unseen.

Style of Magic
The Eyeless' magic concentrates on scrying and tricks of the light.  She knows (and may have invented) every known illusion and detection spell.  Her Banes are all linked to her crystal ball, and her attention is divided across the whole of Morden.


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