Savage Blue Rose: Cultural Backgrounds

As explained in the first Savage Blue Rose post, these backgrounds basically contain five of the nine character creation points characters would get if using Savage Rifts® MARS-type packages. The first four are incorporated into extra racial benefits offered as optional bonuses on top of the standard Savage Worlds-style races. 


“A meritocratic monarchy with a long and storied history, Aldis treasures freedom, education, and diversity.”

  • +2 dice Knowledge (History) and Persuasion.

  • +2 to Common Knowledge rolls relating to art and culture. 

Forest Folk

“To be a forest folk is to live in harmony with nature, but also be hardened by the reality of life with the wild always outside your front door.”

  • +2 dice Survival and Tracking.

  • +2 on running rolls. 


“Jarzon tends to deal with nature, arcane, and other potentially useful yet dangerous concepts by fighting to dominate or resist them.”

  • +2 dice Knowledge (History) and Knowledge (Religion).

  • +1 die Persuasion. 


“To be Kernish is to endure a land of death, treachery, darkness, and oppression by any means necessary.”

  • +1 die Intimidation, Persuasion, and Stealth.

  • +2 dice Notice. 


“Hailing from the caste-dominated matriarchy of Lar’tya, Lar’tyans are used to everything having its own purpose and place.”

  • +2 dice Persuasion and Repair.

  • +2 to Common Knowledge rolls relating to crafting and heraldry. 


“To be a mariner means the freedom of the sea, but also to be somewhat rootless.”

  • +1 die Knowledge (Navigation), Persuasion, and Swimming.

  • +2 dice Boating. 


“Living outside other nations or cultures, they survive as hermits, refugees, or pariahs.”

  • +1 die Gambling.

  • +2 dice Stealth.

  • Brave. 


“From a land of riders, hunters, and nomads, Rezeans seek to live in harmony with the natural world as both individuals and clans of strength and independence.”

  • +1 die Survival.

  • +2 dice Riding.

  • Steady Hands. 


“Nomads and wanderers, they live as merchants and entertainers.”

  • +2 dice Persuasion and Repair.

  • +2 to Common Knowledge rolls relating to crafting and performing. 


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