Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pulp Paradigmatic Framework: Untamed Hero


Untamed Hero
Most – but not all – Untamed Heroes hail from remote jungles where they were abandoned as children and adopted by beasts, learning the universal speech of animals and becoming master survivalists. Some few hail from the arctic, desert, or even the wilderness of civilized lands like the French Pyrenees or northern Minnesota. 
  • Bonus Attributes: +1 die Spirit and Strength.
  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Beast Friend and Climbing; +3 dice Survival and Tracking.
  • Bonus Hindrances: Outsider [Minor].
  • Bonus Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers) with the beast friend power and Woodsman. Untamed Heroes may buy the Beast Master Edge multiple times, each time adding an additional animal to their menagerie; these animals may be any beasts native to the setting (including dinosaurs in lost worlds and such monstrosities as Rhino-Buffalos on Rifts® Earth) that the Game Master deems reasonable. At Veteran Rank, an Untamed Hero may purchase the Sidekick Edge, elevating a beast companion from Extra to Wild Card.  
  • Bonus Gear: none
  • Scrambling: With a successful Climbing roll, an Untamed Hero may move horizontally through difficult terrain (such as broken ground and tangled trees) with no loss of speed.


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