Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pulp VENUS Package: Aviator

Let's try a Francesco Francavilla picture of G-8 instead, shall we?

While some of the more superheroic pulp archetypes require full Iconic Frameworks, many fit comfortably into the more restrained V.E.N.U.S. (Venturers, Experimenters, Navigators, and the Unusually Skilled) packages. As with other packages, such heroes start at Seasoned when in mixed campaigns with Paradigmatic Framework characters. 
  • Bonus Attributes: +2 dice Agility.
  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Piloting.
  • Bonus Edges: Ace.
  • Bonus Gear: era-appropriate aircraft (armed military biplane during the Great War, unarmed civilian biplane in early interwar period, Curtiss P-40 for Pacific theater pre-WWII fighter pilots [as P-47 Thunderbolt], or Grumman G-21 Goose or Cessna T-50 [as Cessna Skyhawk] for pre- and post-WWII civilian adventures).
  • Sub-Types: Skills and Edges purchased in character creation and with Advances can customize the character into a Barnstorming Daredevil (Luck, Great Luck), Fighter Pilot (Shooting, Steady Hands), or Island-Hopping Smuggler (Persuasion, Connections).

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